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23 - 27 Jun 2008

Future Directions in High-Dimensional Data Analysis: New Methodologies: New Data Types and New Applications

in association with the Statistical Theory and Methods for Complex, High-Dimensional Data programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

27 Jun 2008: Statistics in astronomy: the Taiwanese-American occultation survey
J. Rice
27 Jun 2008: Applications of approximate inference and experimental design for sparse (generalised) linear models
MW. Seeger
27 Jun 2008: Estimation of nonlinear functionals: recent results and open problems
J. Robins
27 Jun 2008: Model free variable selection via sufficient dimension reduction
L. Li
27 Jun 2008: Dimension selection with independent component analysis and its application to prediction
I. Koch
27 Jun 2008: Optimal prediction from relevant components
IS. Helland
26 Jun 2008: Permutation-invariant covariance regularisation in high dimensions
E. Levina
26 Jun 2008: Graph decomposition for community identification and covariance constraints
D. Barber
26 Jun 2008: Estimation of large volatility matrix for high-frequency financial data
Y. Wang
26 Jun 2008: Generalised gaussian process functional regression model
JQ. Shi
26 Jun 2008: Limiting theorems for large dimensional sample means, sample covariance matrices and Hotelling's T2 statistics
G. Pan
26 Jun 2008: The Nystrom extension and spectral methods in learning: low-rank approximation of quadratic forms and products
P. Wolfe
26 Jun 2008: Penalized empirical risk minimization and sparse recovery problems
V. Koltchinskii
26 Jun 2008: Covariate adjusted functional principal component analysis for longitudinal data
J-L. Wang
25 Jun 2008: Transposably invariant sample reuse: the pigeonhole bootstrap and blockwise cross-validation
A. Owen
25 Jun 2008: Sparsity in machine Learning: approaches and analyses
JS. Shawe-Taylor
25 Jun 2008: The Lasso: some novel algorithms and applications
R. Tibshirani
24 Jun 2008: Liquid association for large scale gene expression and network studies
KC. Li
24 Jun 2008: High dimensional inference in bioinformatics and genomics
E. Wit
24 Jun 2008: Statistical network analysis and inference: methods and applications
E. Xing
24 Jun 2008: Data, models, inference and computation for dynamic cellular networks in systems biology
M. West
24 Jun 2008: The exchangeable graph model for statistical network analysis
E. Airoldi
24 Jun 2008: Sparsity oracle inequalities
A. Tsybakov
24 Jun 2008: Model selection and estimation with multiple reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
MY. Yuan
24 Jun 2008: Fitting survival models with P>>n predictors: beyond proportional hazards
J. van Houwelingen
23 Jun 2008: Large-scale multiple testing: finding needles in a haystack
T. Cai
23 Jun 2008: Stability - based regularisation
N. Meinshausen
23 Jun 2008: Dimension reduction
U. Gather
23 Jun 2008: Variable selection in very high dimensional regression and classification
PG. Hall

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008SCH > SCHW03

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