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31 Mar - 4 Apr 2008

High Dimensional Statistics in Biology

in association with the Statistical Theory and Methods for Complex, High-Dimensional Data programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

4 Apr 2008: A bayesian probabilistic approach to transform public microarray repositories into disease diagnosis databases
H. Huang
4 Apr 2008: Genomic principles for feedback regulation of metabolism
N. Luscombe
4 Apr 2008: Approximate genealogical inference
G. McVean
4 Apr 2008: Functional genomic approaches to stem cell biology
P. Bertone
3 Apr 2008: High-resolution identification of active gene regulatory elements
G. Crawford
3 Apr 2008: Steps toward directed identification of disease genes: predicting the consequences of genetic perturbations
EM. Marcotte
3 Apr 2008: Refined nonparametric methods for genomic inference
PJ. Bickel
3 Apr 2008: Cracking the regulatory code: predicting expression patterns from DNA sequence
E. Segal
2 Apr 2008: Ultra-deep sequencing of mixed virus populations
N. Beerenwinkel
2 Apr 2008: Extraction and classification of cellular and genetic phenotypes from automated microscopy data
W. Huber
2 Apr 2008: L1-regularisation, motif regression and ChIP-on-chip data analysis
P. Bühlmann
2 Apr 2008: Computational analysis and prediction of microRNA binding sites
A. Enright
1 Apr 2008: Sparsity modelling in gene expression pathway studies
M. West
1 Apr 2008: Efficient use of population genome sequencing data
R. Durbin
1 Apr 2008: Selective inference in complex research problems
Y. Benjamini
1 Apr 2008: Structural variation in the human genome
M. Hurles
31 Mar 2008: Statistical challenges in using comparative genomics for the identification of functional sequences
E. Margulies
31 Mar 2008: On mixture models in high-dimensional testing for the detection of differential gene expression
GJ. McLachlan
31 Mar 2008: Understanding interactomes by data integration
S. Brunak
31 Mar 2008: Functional genomics and the forest of life
L. Pachter
31 Mar 2008: The evolution of promoter sequence
E. Birney

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008SCH > SCHW02

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