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18 - 22 Aug 2008

Anderson Localization and Related Phenomena

in association with the Mathematics and Physics of Anderson localization: 50 Years After programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

18 Aug 2008: Localization, conduction, and superfluidity
D. Thouless
18 Aug 2008: On distribution of zeros of polynomials approximating exponential type entire functions
S. Kotani
18 Aug 2008: Anderson localization and electron-electron interaction
I. Gornyi
18 Aug 2008: Local semicircle law and complete delocalization for Wigner random matrices
HT. Yau
18 Aug 2008: Cell model for scaling near the mobility edge
F. Wegner
19 Aug 2008: Poisson statistics for eigenvalues of continuum random schrodinger operators
A. Klein
19 Aug 2008: Quantum and classical localisation transitions
J. Chalker
19 Aug 2008: Spectral bounds for non-self-adjoint Anderson models
B. Davies
19 Aug 2008: Electron transport in disordered graphene
A. Mirlin
19 Aug 2008: Non-Hermitian Anderson model on a strip: properties of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions
I. Goldsheid
20 Aug 2008: A variant of an estimate by Minami
GM. Graf
21 Aug 2008: Anderson localization in 2D systems : from Schrodinger to Dirac stochastic equations
K. Efetov
21 Aug 2008: A supersymmetric model for quantum diffusion in 3d
M. Disertori
21 Aug 2008: Hyperbolic Hubbard-Stratonovich transformations
J. Muller-Hill
21 Aug 2008: Diffusion of wave packets in a Markov random potential
J. Schenker
21 Aug 2008: The random phase hypothesis for quasi-1D random media
H. Schulz-Baldes
22 Aug 2008: On the Mott formula for the low frequency conductivity: a review
L. Pastur
22 Aug 2008: Anderson localisation for the nonlinear Schroedinger Equation (NLSE): results and puzzles
S. Fishman
22 Aug 2008: Anderson localization: from theoretical aspects to applications in QCD and cold atoms
A. Garcia-Garcia
22 Aug 2008: Quantum vs. classical localization of excited many-particle states
V. Oganesyan

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008MPA > MPAW02

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