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11 - 15 Aug 2008

Designed Experiments: Recent Advances in Methods and Applications (DEMA2008)

in association with the Design of Experiments programme

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11 Aug 2008: Randomisation
D. Cox
11 Aug 2008: Multi-stratum response surface designs
S. Gilmour
11 Aug 2008: An approach to the selection of multistratum fractional factorial designs
C-S. Cheng
11 Aug 2008: Post-fractionated strip-block designs with applications to robust design and multistage processes
CA. Vivacqua
11 Aug 2008: Some considerations on optimal design for non-linear mixed models
R. Schwabe
11 Aug 2008: Experiments in blocks for a non-normal response
D. Woods
11 Aug 2008: Maximin D-optimal designs for binary longitudinal responses
F. Tekle
12 Aug 2008: A blocking strategy for orthogonal arrays of strength 2
ED. Schoen
12 Aug 2008: A-optimal block designs for the comparison of treatments with a control with autocorrelated errors
J. Kunert
12 Aug 2008: Efficient blocked designs allowing for pure error estimation
L. Trinca
12 Aug 2008: Proteomics, ovarian cancer, and experimental design
K. Baggerly
12 Aug 2008: Experiments assessing the effects of preanalytical variables on molecular research
T. Speed
12 Aug 2008: Tiers in gene expression microarray experiments
C. Brien
12 Aug 2008: Experimental design issues for gene expression microarrays
K. Kerr
12 Aug 2008: Factorial designs for cDNA microarray experiments: results and some open issues
R. Mukerjee
12 Aug 2008: Selection of good two-color microarray designs using genetic algorithms
M. Latif
12 Aug 2008: Optimal designs for one and two-colour microarrays using mixed models: a comparative evaluation of their efficiencies
V. Lima Passos
12 Aug 2008: The relationship between optimal designs for microarray and paired comparison experiments
H. Grossmann
13 Aug 2008: Conjoint choice experiments for estimating efficiently willingness-to-pay
M. Vandebroek
13 Aug 2008: Practical Bayesian optimal design for discrete choice experiments
B. Jones
13 Aug 2008: Studying the level-effect in conjoint analysis: An application of efficient experimental designs for hyperparameter estimation
A. Dean
13 Aug 2008: Design of two-phase experiments
RA. Bailey
14 Aug 2008: Adaptive designs for dose escalation studies - a simulation study
K. Roth
14 Aug 2008: Adaptive optimum experimental design in Phase I clinical trials
B. Bogacka
14 Aug 2008: Designing experiments for an application in laser and surface chemistry
SGM. Biedermann
14 Aug 2008: Randomized discontinuation design
P. Mueller
14 Aug 2008: Adaptive designs for clinical trials with prognostic factors that maximize utility
AC. Atkinson
14 Aug 2008: Two-stage treatment strategies based on sequential failure times
PF. Thall
14 Aug 2008: Inference and ethics in clinical trials for comparing two treatments in the presence of covariates
A. Giovagnoli
14 Aug 2008: Flexible designs for late phase clinical trials
T. Friede
14 Aug 2008: An adaptive optimal design for the Emax model and its application in clinical trials
S. Leonov
14 Aug 2008: Selection of cross-over designs in restricted circumstances
J. Godolphin
14 Aug 2008: Design and analysis of experiments applied to critical infrastructure simulation
LM. Moore
15 Aug 2008: Optimal design for special kernel computer experiments
H. Maruri-Aguilar
15 Aug 2008: Can we design for smoothing parameters?
P. Challenor
15 Aug 2008: Nested space-filling designs
P. Qian
15 Aug 2008: Sequential calibration of computer models
A. Kumar
15 Aug 2008: A sequential methodology for integrating physical and computer experiments
D. Romano
15 Aug 2008: Multiplicative Algorithms: A class of algorithmic methods used in optimal experimental design
B. Torsney
15 Aug 2008: On construction of constrained optimum designs
D. Ucinski
15 Aug 2008: Efficiency, optimality, and differential treatment interest
JP. Morgan

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008DOE > DOEW02

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