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23 - 27 Jun 2008

Combinatorial and Probabilistic Inequalities

in association with the Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

27 Jun 2008: Monomer correlations on the square lattice
M. Ciucu
26 Jun 2008: Inequalities involving the coefficients of independence polynomials
V. Levit
26 Jun 2008: Resummation of cluster (Mayer) expansions
M. Zahradnik
26 Jun 2008: Mathematical aspects of wetting
S. Miracle-Sole
25 Jun 2008: Linear operators preserving stability and the Lee-Yang program
J. Borcea
24 Jun 2008: The profile of a relational structure
P. Cameron
24 Jun 2008: Negative dependence and the geometry of polynomials
P. Branden
24 Jun 2008: Bounds for the real zeros of Chromatic polynomia
F. Dong
24 Jun 2008: Correlation questions Correlation questions
J. Kahn
23 Jun 2008: An inequality for Tutte polynomials
B. Jackson
23 Jun 2008: Harris's Inequality and its Descendants
D. Welsh

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008CSM > CSMW05

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