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21 - 25 Apr 2008

Statistical-Mechanics & Quantum-Field Theory Methods in Combinatorial Enumeration

in association with the Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

25 Apr 2008: Counting lattice paths with the kernel method
T. Prellberg
25 Apr 2008: Prudent and quasi-prudent self-avoiding walks and polygons
A. Guttmann
25 Apr 2008: Theory of electric networks: the two-point resistance and impedance
FY. Wu
24 Apr 2008: The bead model
C. Boutillier
24 Apr 2008: Exact enumeration of plane partitions and rhombus tilings
C. Krattenthaler
24 Apr 2008: Dimer packings with gaps and electrostatics: boundary interactions
M. Ciucu
24 Apr 2008: Boundary partitions in trees and dimers
DB. Wilson
24 Apr 2008: TBA
N. Reshetikhin
23 Apr 2008: The asymmetric exclusion process: an integrable model for non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
K. Mallick
23 Apr 2008: Alternative tableaux, permutations and partially asymmetric exclusion process
X. Viennot
23 Apr 2008: Exact valence bond entanglement entropy in the XXZ and related spin chains
JL. Jacobsen
23 Apr 2008: Entanglement in the XXZ chain
B. Nienhuis
23 Apr 2008: Conformal invariance and universality in the 2D lsing model
S. Smirnov
22 Apr 2008: Multivariate generalisation of Hankel determinants of Catalan numbers and middle binomial coefficients
S. Okada
22 Apr 2008: Gaudin functions of any order
A. Lascoux
22 Apr 2008: Algebraic structure of the q-Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation on a segment, partial sums and punctured plane partitions
J. de Gier
22 Apr 2008: Alternating sign matrices from a physicist point of view
V. Pasquier
22 Apr 2008: Three colour statistical model with 'domain wall' boundary conditions
A. Razumov
21 Apr 2008: Large deviation of the top eigenvalue of a random matrix
S. Majumdar
21 Apr 2008: Vacancy localisation in the square dimer model, statistics of geodesic in large quadrangulations
J. Bouttier
21 Apr 2008: A bijection for covered maps on orientable surfaces
O. Bernardi
21 Apr 2008: The continuous limit of random planar maps
J-F. Le Gall
21 Apr 2008: Partitions, matrix models, and geometry
B. Eynard

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008CSM > CSMW04

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