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7 - 11 Apr 2008

Combinatorial Identities and their Applications in Statistical Mechanics

in association with the Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

11 Apr 2008: A rosetta stone: combinatorics, physics, probability
W. Faris
11 Apr 2008: Enumeration and asymptotics of random walks and maps
C. Banderier
11 Apr 2008: Counting partially directed walks in a symmetric wedge
T. Prellberg
11 Apr 2008: Identities for fully packed loop configurations and semistandard tableaux
C. Krattenthaler
11 Apr 2008: Forest-root formulas in statistical physics
J. Imbrie
10 Apr 2008: Combinatorial identities and the correlation function gaps in dimer packings
M. Ciucu
10 Apr 2008: Connes-Kreimer Hopf algabra for non-commutative field theory
A. Tanasa
10 Apr 2008: Solving Bogoliubov's recursion in renormalisation using a simple algebraic identity
K. Ebrahimi-Fard
10 Apr 2008: Alexander-Conway polynomial, milnor numbers, and the Pfaffian matrix-tree theorem
G. Masbaum
10 Apr 2008: Multivariable Tutte and transition polynomials
J. Ellis-Monaghan
10 Apr 2008: Enumeration of planar graphs by matrix integrals (joint work with Mihyun Kang)
M. Loebl
9 Apr 2008: Parametric representation of non commutative quantum field theory
R. Gurau
9 Apr 2008: An extensor tree theorem and a Tutte identity for graphs with distinguished port edges
S. Chaiken
9 Apr 2008: Potts model, O(n) non-linear sigma-models and spanning forests
A. Sportiello
9 Apr 2008: Introduction to non commutative field theory
V. Rivasseau
9 Apr 2008: Integral equations for cluster expansion sums of polymer models with (soft) repulsion
M. Zahradnik
9 Apr 2008: Analyticity of the pressure of the hard-sphere gas
R. Fernandez
8 Apr 2008: Mayer polytopes and divided differences
G. Labelle
8 Apr 2008: A bijection between subgraphs and orientations based on the combinatorics of the Tutte polynomial
O. Bernardi
8 Apr 2008: Determinant formulas for pairing matrices of arrangements of hyperplanes
A. Varchenko
8 Apr 2008: Field theoretic cluster expansions and the Brydges-Kennedy forest sum formula
A. Abdesselam
8 Apr 2008: Counting with Gaussian integrals and cluster expansions
D. Brydges
8 Apr 2008: Improved bounds on cluster expansion of the abstract polymer model (via the Penrose identity)
A. Procacci
7 Apr 2008: Graph classes with given 3-connected components: asymptotic counting and critical phenomena
M. Noy
7 Apr 2008: Cluster expansions (a historical overview)
R. Kotecky
7 Apr 2008: An introduction to the Mayer expansion
A. Sokal
7 Apr 2008: Introduction to the theory of heaps of pieces with applications to statistical mechanics and quantum gravity
X. Viennot
7 Apr 2008: Introduction to species and combinatorial equations
G. Labelle

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008CSM > CSMW03

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