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25 - 28 Mar 2008

Markov-chain Monte Carlo Methods

in association with the Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics programme

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28 Mar 2008: Extremality of Gibbs measure for colorings on trees
N. Bhatnagar
28 Mar 2008: Bank sampling: a practical proposal for sampling from isolated maxima with the Metropolis algorithm
BC. Allanach
28 Mar 2008: Testing expansion in bounded degree graphs
A. Czumaj
28 Mar 2008: What happens to a random walk before equilibrium?
N. Berestycki
28 Mar 2008: Randomised algorithms for the maximum clique problem
B. Scoppola
28 Mar 2008: Near Boltzmann-Gibbs measure preserving stochastic variational integrator
N. Bou-Rabee
28 Mar 2008: Card shuffling and Diophantine approximation
D. Wilson
27 Mar 2008: Graphical representations and cluster algorithms
J. Machta
27 Mar 2008: An introduction to dynamic critical phenomena and cluster algorithms
A. Sokal
27 Mar 2008: Proving slow mixing with fault lines and fat contours
D. Randall
27 Mar 2008: Properties of the interfaces in the multyphase regimes
S. Shlosman
27 Mar 2008: Log-concave random graphs
A. Frieze
27 Mar 2008: Rapidly mixing Markov chains and the sharp transition in 2D ising percolation
J. van den Berg
27 Mar 2008: Parking functions and acyclic orientations
P. Tetali
26 Mar 2008: Multiple random walks in random regular graphs
C. Cooper
26 Mar 2008: Colouring random graphs randomly
M. Dyer
26 Mar 2008: Path coupling without contraction
M. Bordewich
26 Mar 2008: A birthday paradox for Markov chains, with an optimal bound for collision in the Pollard Rho algorithm for discrete logarithm
R. Montenegro
26 Mar 2008: Cutoff in total variation for birth-and-death chains
E. Lubetzky
26 Mar 2008: On hitting times and fastest strong stationary times for birth-and-death chains and other skip-free chains
JA. Fill
26 Mar 2008: Rapid mixing of Gibbs sampling on graphs that are sparse on average
A. Sly
26 Mar 2008: The east model: a case study from glassy dynamics
F. Martinelli
25 Mar 2008: Glauber dynamics for the mean-field ising model: critical power law
D. Levin
25 Mar 2008: A new probability inequality and some optimal concentration results
R. Kannan
25 Mar 2008: Glauber dynamics for the mean-field ising model: cut-off, critical power law, and metastability
M. Luczak
25 Mar 2008: A Markov chain for certain triple systems
PJ. Cameron
25 Mar 2008: Asymptotic enumeration of contingency tables
C. Greenhill
25 Mar 2008: Can extra updates delay mixing?
Y. Peres
25 Mar 2008: Random colorings
E. Vigoda

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008CSM > CSMW02

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