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21 - 25 Jan 2008

Zeros of Graph Polynomials

in association with the Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics programme

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21 Jan 2008: Complex zeros of the chromatic and Tutte polynomials
A. Sokal
21 Jan 2008: Real zeros of chromatic and flow polynomials
B. Jackson
21 Jan 2008: Chromatic polynomials and a second Hamiltonian cycle
C. Thomassen
21 Jan 2008: Chromatic roots and fibonacci numbers
S. Alikhani
21 Jan 2008: Chromatic factorisation of graphs
K. Morgan
22 Jan 2008: Constructive resolution of two conjectures on real chromatic roots
G. Royle
22 Jan 2008: On the zeros of independence and open set polynomials
J. Brown
22 Jan 2008: Bounds for the numner of matchings in regular graphs
K. Markstrom
22 Jan 2008: On graphs whose chromatic polynomials have no zeros in (1,2)
FM. Dong
22 Jan 2008: New methods for solving high degree polynomial equations that have multiple roots
J. Winkler
22 Jan 2008: The calculus of combinatorial constructions and Hopf algebras
WG. Faris
23 Jan 2008: Cluster expansions for hard-core systems: I introduction
R. Fernandez
23 Jan 2008: Cluster expansions for hard-core systems: II convergence criteria
R. Fernandez
23 Jan 2008: A simple resummation method for cluster expansions
M. Zahradnik
23 Jan 2008: Enumeration of spanning subgraphs with degree constraints
D. Wagner
23 Jan 2008: On polynomials arising from zonotopal algebra
OV. Holtz
23 Jan 2008: The topological Tutte polynomials of Bollobas and Riordan: properties and relations to other graph polynomials
I. Sarmiento
23 Jan 2008: Geometry of polynomials and applications
J. Borcea
24 Jan 2008: Independent sets, lattice gases and the Lovasz Local Lemma
A. Scott
24 Jan 2008: Zeros of truncated binomial polynomials
S. Janson
24 Jan 2008: Zeros of chromatic and Tutte (Potts) polynomials and general Ising model, and their accumulation sets for families of graphs
R. Shrock
24 Jan 2008: Zeros of graph-counting polynomials and their accumulation sets
S-C. Chang
24 Jan 2008: Chromatic zeros for some recursively defined families of graphs
H. Bielak
24 Jan 2008: Self-dual spin systems, zeros of partition function, and error correcting codes
J. Slawny
25 Jan 2008: Complex roots of chromatic polynomials
N. Biggs
25 Jan 2008: Representations and partition function zeros of the Potts model with and without boundaries
J. Jacobsen
25 Jan 2008: Dominant traits in the zeros of two-variate two-terminal reliability polynomials
C. Tanguy
25 Jan 2008: Integer symmetric matrices with spectral radius at most 2.019
C. Smyth

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2008CSM > CSMW01

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