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10 - 14 Dec 2007

SISw03 - Integrability and the Gauge/String Correspondence

in association with the Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

10 Dec 2007: Exact results for twist operators in planar N=4 SYM
M. Staudacher
10 Dec 2007: Spectral curve for the Heisenberg ferromagnet and AdS/CFT
N. Beisert
10 Dec 2007: Factorised world-sheet scattering in near-flat AdS$_5$xS$^5$
T. Klose
10 Dec 2007: Wrapping Corrections in N = 4 SYM: A Diagrammatic Approach
N. Mann
10 Dec 2007: Pohlmeyer reduction of AdS$_5$ x S$^5$ superstring sigma model
M. Grigoriev
10 Dec 2007: Quasilocality of splitting/joining strings from coherent states
C. Kristjansen
10 Dec 2007: Correlation functions of quantum integrable models
JM. Maillet
11 Dec 2007: Anomalous dimensions at strong coupling: NNLO and beyond
R. Roiban
11 Dec 2007: Strong coupling limit of Bethe ansatz equations
D. Serban
11 Dec 2007: Gauged linear sigma model for the AdS$_5$xS$^5$ superstring
N. Berkovits
11 Dec 2007: The Leigh-Strassler deformation and the quest of integrability
T. Mansson
11 Dec 2007: Dilatation operator and Cayley graphs
G. Cicuta
11 Dec 2007: Solitons and integrable field theories in any dimension
LA. Ferreira
11 Dec 2007: Collapsing the Bethe ansatz
P. Fendley
11 Dec 2007: Applying the BES trick to QCD
G. Ferretti
11 Dec 2007: On the construction of monopoles
HW. Braden
12 Dec 2007: The quantum AdS$_5$xS$^5$ superstring in the light cone gauge
J. Plefka
12 Dec 2007: Classical and quantum aspects of integrable shocks
E. Corrigan
12 Dec 2007: From characters to quantum (super) spin chains via fusion
V. Kazakov
12 Dec 2007: Hidden conformal symmetry of gluon amplitudes and Wilson loops
J. Drummond
12 Dec 2007: Integrability and Wilson loops
N. Drukker
12 Dec 2007: MHV amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills and Wilson loops
P. Heslop
12 Dec 2007: Scattering amplitudes via AdS/CFT
LF. Alday
13 Dec 2007: Encoding the Bethe ansatz in ordinary differential equations
P. Dorey
13 Dec 2007: Anomalous dimensions of local operators and Pomeron in N=4 SUSY
L. Lipatov
13 Dec 2007: Wrapping interactions at strong coupling
R. Janik
13 Dec 2007: From quasiclassics to nested Bethe ansatze
P. Vieira
13 Dec 2007: From nested Bethe ansatze to quasiclassics
N. Gromov
13 Dec 2007: The S-matrix of the Faddeev-Reshetikhin model, diagonalisability and PT symmetry
V. Rivelles
13 Dec 2007: Cusp anomalous dimension in N=4 SYM at strong coupling
B. Basso
13 Dec 2007: Algebraic aspects of the AdS/CFT S matrix
F. Spill
13 Dec 2007: Semi-classical finite-gap strings
B. Vicedo
14 Dec 2007: Baxter equations for super Yang-Mills theories
A. Belitsky
14 Dec 2007: Perturbative study of the transfer matrix on the string worldsheet in AdS$_5$xS$^5$
A. Mikhailov
14 Dec 2007: Finite size effects for giant magnons on physical strings
JA. Minahan
14 Dec 2007: From planar quantum mechanics to planar quantum field theory
J. Wosiek
14 Dec 2007: Investigation of dressing phase at strong coupling
D. Volin
14 Dec 2007: On the continuum limit of spin-chains
B. Stefanski
14 Dec 2007: On bound states of the light-cone AdS5 x S5 superstring
S. Frolov
14 Dec 2007: Planar gluon amplitudes/Wilson loop duality in N=4 SYM
G. Korchemsky

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007SIS > SISW03

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