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20 - 24 Aug 2007

SISw01 - Exploring QCD: Deconfinement, Extreme Environments & Holography

in association with the Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

24 Aug 2007: Heavy quarks in strongly coupled N=4 plasma
L. Yaffe
24 Aug 2007: Phases of QCD: perspectives, challenges and opportunities
J. Verbaarschot
24 Aug 2007: Strings in SU(N) gauge theories: zero and nonzero temperature
B. Bringoltz
24 Aug 2007: Meson Spectra of an expanding plasma
J. Grosse
24 Aug 2007: A holographic dual of QGP hydrodynamics
S. Nakamura
24 Aug 2007: Real time effective theory in a hot gauge theory with a Z(N) interface
Y. Hidaka
24 Aug 2007: AdS/QCD and kaon decays
M. Schvellinger
24 Aug 2007: On a holographic model for confinement/deconfinement
NRF. Braga
24 Aug 2007: Comments on holographic QCD
A. Parnachev
24 Aug 2007: High energy QCD collisions at RHIC and the LHC from dual black hole production
H. Nastase
23 Aug 2007: Light glueballs in a holographic description of QCD
S. Nicotri
23 Aug 2007: Spectral functions and transport from holography
AO. Starinets
23 Aug 2007: Spinning dragging strings
A. Vuorinen
23 Aug 2007: Bulk filling branes and gravity back reaction for finite baryon number density
S-J. Sin
23 Aug 2007: Correlation lengths in strongly coupled plasmas from holography
C. Hoyos
23 Aug 2007: Peristaltic modes of single vortex in U(1) and SU(3) gauge theories
T. Kojo
23 Aug 2007: Highly excited mesons, linear regge trajectories and pattern of the chiral symmetry realisation
M. Shifman
23 Aug 2007: The phase diagram of higher dimensional representations and alternative large N limits: from QCD to minimal walking theories
F. Sannino
23 Aug 2007: AdS/CFT integrability and light-front dynamics in a semiclassical approximation to QCD
G. de Teramond
23 Aug 2007: Holographic QCD
M. Stephanov
22 Aug 2007: NJL model at finite temperature and chemical potential in dimensional regularization
D. Kimura
22 Aug 2007: Real-time static potential and quarkonium spectral function in hot QCD
M. Laine
22 Aug 2007: Perturbative gauge theory in a background
M. Jarvinen
22 Aug 2007: Phase structure of thermal QCD based on the hard thermal loop improved Ladder Dyson-Schwinger equation
H. Nakaggawa
22 Aug 2007: Phase transitions in QCD as metal-insulator transitions
AM. Garcia-Garcia
22 Aug 2007: Thermodynamics of the 2+1D Gross-Neveu model beyond large N approximation
RO. Ramos
22 Aug 2007: Charge separation phenomenon in Big Bang and Little Bang (RHIC) during the QCD phase transistion
A. Zhitnitsky
22 Aug 2007: A calculation of the shear and bulk viscosities of gluodynamics
HB. Meyer
22 Aug 2007: Exploring improved holographic models for QCD
E. Kiritsis
22 Aug 2007: Adding flavour to holographic duals of finite temperature field theories
J. Erdmenger
22 Aug 2007: Phase structure of strong flavour dynamics
C. Johnson
21 Aug 2007: Baryons in AdS/QCD
DK. Hong
21 Aug 2007: Heavy quarks at finite temperature
P. Petreczky
21 Aug 2007: Nonabelian plasma instabilities
A. Rebhan
21 Aug 2007: Glueball spectrum and screening properties across the superfluid transition of two colour QCD
MP. Lombardo
21 Aug 2007: Spectral functions and transport from the lattice
G. Aarts
21 Aug 2007: F\_pi from individual Dirac eigenvalues at nonzero mu
G. Akemann
21 Aug 2007: Infrared features of finite temperature lattice Landau gauge and Coulomb gauge QCD
S. Furui
21 Aug 2007: Polyakov loop effects in QCD and chiral quark models
E. Megias
21 Aug 2007: Finite density QCD on the lattice
P. de Forcrand
21 Aug 2007: Lattice QCD thermodynamics at mu=0 and mu$>$0
Z. Fodor
20 Aug 2007: The Hamiltonian approach to Yang-Mills (2+1): basics and update
V. Nair
20 Aug 2007: Probing the properties of Quark-Gluon plasma
K. Rajagopal
20 Aug 2007: String theory and holographic descriptions for large N gauge theories - where do we stand?
O. Aharony
20 Aug 2007: QCD and dense baryonic matter: an introduction
T. Schaefer
20 Aug 2007: Understanding the strongly coupled Quark-Gluon plasma
E. Shuryak

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007SIS > SISW01

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