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23 Jul - 21 Dec 2007

Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings

An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

10 - 14 Dec 2007: SISw03 - Integrability and the Gauge/String Correspondence
in association with the Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings programme
8 Oct 2007: Spitalfields Day - Gauge Theory, String Theory and Unification
in association with the Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings programme
17 - 27 Sep 2007: SISw02 - Gauge Fields & Strings
in association with the Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings programme
20 - 24 Aug 2007: SISw01 - Exploring QCD: Deconfinement, Extreme Environments & Holography
in association with the Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings programme

Individual Presentations

5 Dec 2007: Supergroups for disordered Dirac fermions: the quantum Hall transition
A. LeClair
29 Nov 2007: From amplitudes to Wilson loops
G. Travaglini
28 Nov 2007: Duality in curved backgrounds
V. Schomerus
23 Nov 2007: Covariant Fock space for kappa-deformed quantum field theories
C. Young
22 Nov 2007: Towards lattice simulation of the gauge theory duals to black holes and hot strings
T. Wiseman
21 Nov 2007: Conformal field theories with supergroup symmetry
T. Quella
19 Nov 2007: Aspects of strongly coupled 2+1D Yang-Mills
A. Agarwal
16 Nov 2007: Hedgehog black holes and the deconfinement transition
M. Headrick
15 Nov 2007: Spacetime singularity resolution by M-theory fivebranes: AdS solutions, incomplete special holonomy metrics and CFTs
O. Mac Conamhna
14 Nov 2007: AdS/YM integrability and the Ising Model
C. Gomez
12 Nov 2007: MHV rules and pure Yang-Mills at one loop
K. Zoubos
12 Nov 2007: Topics in N=1 super Yang-Mills: phases and Galois groups; open from closed strings; the microscopic approach to N=1
F. Ferrari
8 Nov 2007: Black hole deconstruction
M. Taylor
7 Nov 2007: Non-Abelian BPS vortices in SO(N) gauge theories - clarifying non-Abelian duality and confinement
K. Konishi
5 Nov 2007: Modeling multiple M2-branes
N. Lambert
2 Nov 2007: The solution to the faster-than-light puzzle
T. Hollowood
1 Nov 2007: Tests of the AdS/CFT S-matrix
T. McLoughlin
31 Oct 2007: Quantum integrability of AdS string theory: factorized scattering in the near-flat limit
T. Klose
25 Oct 2007: Holographic QCD and hadronization
N. Evans
19 Oct 2007: Mesons at large N
B. Lucini
18 Oct 2007: Supersymmetric AdS black holes
H. Reall
17 Oct 2007: Scattering amplitudes via AdS/CFT
F. Alday
15 Oct 2007: Near-integrability in 2+1D Yang-Mills theory
P. Orland
9 Oct 2007: Relations among supersymmetric lattice gauge theories
S. Matsuura
9 Oct 2007: Recent developments in lattice supersymmetry
S. Catterall
5 Oct 2007: Singularities of the magnon S-matrix
N. Dorey
4 Oct 2007: Triadophilia: a special corner of the landscape
Y-H. He
3 Oct 2007: Twistor strings, gauge theory and gravity
C. Hull
13 Sep 2007: R^4 terms in type II supergravity from Pure Spinor Formalism
G. Policastro
11 Sep 2007: Curved space, monsters and black hole entropy
S. Hsu
17 Aug 2007: Microscopic integrability and strong dense fields
K. Splittorff
16 Aug 2007: Holographic QCD
M. Stephanov
15 Aug 2007: Tabletop AdS/CFT
S. Hartnoll
14 Aug 2007: Non-linear change of variables for the Yang-Mills theory: extracting gauge-invariant topological defects responsible for quark confinement
K. Kondo
31 Jul 2007: Thermal Spectral Functions and Holography
A. Starinets
27 Jul 2007: Phases of QCD, Spectral Flow and Random Matrix Theory
J. Verbaarschot
26 Jul 2007: Metastable Vacua and Complex Deformations
R. Tatar
25 Jul 2007: Simulating Dense Matter
S. Hands

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007 > SIS

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