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17 - 21 Dec 2007

PLGw03 - Future Directions in Phylogenetic Methods and Models

in association with the PLG programme

Warning: Information on this page may be out of date.

For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

17 Dec 2007: The tree of life: algorithmic and software challenges
T. Warnow
17 Dec 2007: Seeing the wood for trees: analysing multiple alternative phylogenies
T. Nye
17 Dec 2007: Performance of new invariant methods for phylogenetic reconstuction
J. Fernandez-Sanchez
17 Dec 2007: Incorporating uncertainty in distance-matrix phylogenetic reconstruction
W. Gilks
17 Dec 2007: Adaptive fast convergence - towards optimal reconstruction guarantees for Phylogenetic trees
I. Gronau
17 Dec 2007: On the hardness of inferring Phylogenies from triplet-dissimilarities
S. Moran
17 Dec 2007: A signal-to-noise analysis of phylogeny estimation by neighbour-joining
M. Lacey
17 Dec 2007: How many characters are needed to recontruct the true tree?
M. Fischer
17 Dec 2007: The deep phylogeny problem and its consequences
G. Naylor
17 Dec 2007: On the nature of heterotachy
P. Lockhart
18 Dec 2007: Recent progress in phylogenetic combinatorics
A. Dress
18 Dec 2007: An exact algorithm for computing the geodesic distance between phylogenetic trees
A. Kupczok
18 Dec 2007: Practical distance computation in the space of phylogenetic trees
M. Owen
18 Dec 2007: Optimal realisations
J. Koolen
18 Dec 2007: The identifyability of matrix parameters for covarion-like models
J. Rhodes
18 Dec 2007: Optimising phylogenetic diversity across two trees
M. Bordewich
18 Dec 2007: Encoding phylogenetic trees with weighted quartets
V. Moulton
18 Dec 2007: Identifying Phylogenies: extending the notion of unique
C. Semple
18 Dec 2007: On (k.l)-leaf powers
P. Wagner
18 Dec 2007: Phylogenetics of medieval manuscripts
C. Howe
19 Dec 2007: Some broad questions about the tree of life
D. Aldous
19 Dec 2007: Ranked tree shapes, shuffles, and a new test for neutrality
T. Gernhard
19 Dec 2007: Distribution of phylogenetic diversity under random extinction
B. Faller
19 Dec 2007: 10 Men and 1 woman?
A. von Haeseler
20 Dec 2007: Markov models of protein evolution: Lets get real!
A. Roger
20 Dec 2007: A phylogenetic definition of structure and further animations on the sequence space
T. Gesell
20 Dec 2007: Selecting genomes for reconstruction of ancestral genomes
L. Zhang
20 Dec 2007: MIP models for phylenetic reconstruction under minimum evolution
D. Catanzaro
20 Dec 2007: On the optimality of the neighbour-joining algorithm
R. Yoshida
20 Dec 2007: A simple model for a complex world
S. Whelan
20 Dec 2007: Evolution of Chloroplasts
E. Nisbet
20 Dec 2007: Untangling tanglegrams
K. St John
20 Dec 2007: Hybridisation in non-binary trees
S. Linz
20 Dec 2007: Phylogenetic networks
D. Huson
20 Dec 2007: Reconstruction of certain phylogenetic networks from the genomes at leaves
S. Willson
21 Dec 2007: Lineage sorting and multi-species coalescent models
N. Rosenberg
21 Dec 2007: Coalescent consequences for consensus cladograms
J. Degnan
21 Dec 2007: The influence of effective population size on a genome-wide positive selection scan
C. Kosiol
21 Dec 2007: A genealogical approach to studying asexuality
Y. Song
21 Dec 2007: Minimum common supergraphs and haplotype networks
A. Labarre
21 Dec 2007: Incomplete lineage sorting: consistent phylogeny estimation from multiple loci
E. Mossel

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