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22 - 24 Oct 2007

PLGw02 - Phyloinformatics Workshop (A Satellite Meeting at the e-Science Institute, Edinburgh)

in association with the PLG programme

24 Oct 2007: Crunching Huge Phylogenies: A rapid bootstrap algorithm and massive parallelism on the IBM BlueGene
A. Stamatakis
24 Oct 2007: iPhy: tools for collation and analysis of phylogenomic data
M. Blaxter
23 Oct 2007: Working with trees in the phyloinformatic age
WH. Piel
23 Oct 2007: Approximating the subtree distance between phylogenies
C. Semple
23 Oct 2007: Automated phylogenetic taxonomy in Fungi
DS. Hibbett
23 Oct 2007: Robustness of supertree methods for reconciling dense incompatible data
SJ. Willson
23 Oct 2007: Phylogenomic supertrees: the end of the road or the light at the end of the tunnel?
ORP. Bininda-Emonds
23 Oct 2007: Developing taxonomic name services to enhance findability
D. Remsen
22 Oct 2007: A search engine for phylogenetic tree databases
D. Fernández-Baca
22 Oct 2007: Prospects for enabling phylogenetically-informed comparative biology on the web
T. Vision

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007PLG > PLGW02

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