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3 - 7 Sep 2007

PLGw01 - Current Challenges & Problems in Phylogenetics

in association with the PLG programme
Sponsored by European Molecular Biology Organisation

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

8 Sep 2007: Results of the "Foraminifera Phylogeny Challenge"
M. Kucera
7 Sep 2007: Stars, nets, and the "war on error": Six mathematical challenges
M. Steel
7 Sep 2007: Properties of the TBR metric
P. Humphries
7 Sep 2007: Optimal and hereditarily optimal realisation of metric spaces
A. Lesser
7 Sep 2007: Consistency of phylogenetic tree search algorithms based on the balanced minimum evolution principle
M. Bordewich
7 Sep 2007: Mapping human genetic ancestry
I. Ebersberger
6 Sep 2007: Generalising from consensus to supertree methods
M. Wilkinson
6 Sep 2007: Big trees: challenges and opportunites in the phylogenetic analysis of large data sets
AG. Rodrigo
6 Sep 2007: Prioritising species for biodoversity conservation
K. Hartmann
6 Sep 2007: Computing phylogenetic diversity for split systems
A. Spillner
6 Sep 2007: Nature reserve selection problems
C. Semple
6 Sep 2007: Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees with very short branches
I. Gronau
6 Sep 2007: Neighbor joining algorithms for inferring phylogenies via LCA-distances
S. Moran
6 Sep 2007: Glimpses from the strange world of phylogenetic mixtures
FA. Matsen
6 Sep 2007: Model averaging in phylogenies
DP. Posada
5 Sep 2007: Likelihood calculations on the ancestral recombination graph
J. Hein
5 Sep 2007: Indentifiability of the GTR=gamma substitution model of DNA evolution
E. Allman
5 Sep 2007: Insertion-deletion models for dequence evolution and Bayesian sampling methods for multiple alignment
D. Metzler
5 Sep 2007: Explicit bounds for the stability of maximum likelihood trees
M. Mariadassou
5 Sep 2007: Reconstruction of phylogeny by stratophenetic tracing in the fossil record and its comparison with molecular data
M. Kucera
4 Sep 2007: Partitioning the sample space on five taxa for the neighbour joining algorithm
R. Yoshida
4 Sep 2007: New analytical results for the speciation times in neutral models
T. Gernhard
4 Sep 2007: Branch and bound construction of balanced minimum evolution optimal trees
F. Pardi
4 Sep 2007: Tripartitions in phylogenetic networks
G. Valiente
4 Sep 2007: On k-leaf powers
A. Brandstaedt
4 Sep 2007: Quartet compatability: new results and surprising counterexamples
S. Grunewald
4 Sep 2007: Integer programming for phylogenetic computations
D. Gusfield
4 Sep 2007: Maximum parsimony on phylogenetic networks: some rigorous results
S. Snir
4 Sep 2007: Inference rules for super-network construction
K. Huber
4 Sep 2007: Restrictions on meaningful phylogenetic networks
SJ. Willson
4 Sep 2007: Advances and limitations of maximum likelihood phylogenetics
O. Gascuel
3 Sep 2007: Phylogenetic reconstructions based on RNA secondary structure
B. Chor
3 Sep 2007: Comparing phylogenetic trees
K. St John
3 Sep 2007: Mixture models in phylogenetic inference
M. Pagel
3 Sep 2007: Incorporating speices phylogeny in the reconstruction of gene trees
H. Li
3 Sep 2007: Appropriate models for heterogeneous multi-gene data sites
B. Holland
3 Sep 2007: Dendroscope - an interactive viewer for large phylogenetic trees
DH. Huson
3 Sep 2007: Computational and mathematical challenges involved in very large-scale phylogenetics
T. Warnow

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007PLG > PLGW01

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