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3 Sep - 21 Dec 2007


An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

17 - 21 Dec 2007: PLGw03 - Future Directions in Phylogenetic Methods and Models
in association with the PLG programme
6 Dec 2007: Spitalfields Day - Yggdrasil: Reconstructing the Tree of Life
in association with the PLG programme
22 - 24 Oct 2007: PLGw02 - Phyloinformatics Workshop (A Satellite Meeting at the e-Science Institute, Edinburgh)
in association with the PLG programme
3 - 7 Sep 2007: PLGw01 - Current Challenges & Problems in Phylogenetics
in association with the PLG programme
Sponsored by European Molecular Biology Organisation

Individual Presentations

4 Dec 2007: New methods for estimating language evolution
T. Warnow
27 Nov 2007: Hao Bailin's whole-genome based phylogenies
A. Dress
20 Nov 2007: Constructing level-2 phylogenetic trees from triplets
L. Stougie
11 Oct 2007: Phylogenetics: interactions between mathematics and evolution
M. Steel / V. Moulton / D. Huson
11 Sep 2007: Some Monte Carlo methods for phylogenetic problems
G. Nicholls

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007 > PLG

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