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24 - 27 Apr 2007

HOPw03 - Applying Geometric Integrators

in association with the HOP programme

27 Apr 2007: Geometric integrators for the Camassa-Holm equation
B. Owren
27 Apr 2007: Statistical Mechanics of Arakawa's Jacobian: Numerical Experiments
J. Frank
27 Apr 2007: On the convergence of Magnus (and related) expansions
F. Casas
26 Apr 2007: Moser-Veselov integrators for continuum dynamics
M. Dixon
26 Apr 2007: Multisymplectic integrators
R. McLachlan
26 Apr 2007: Symplectic integrators for general relativity
C. Lubich
26 Apr 2007: Simulation of rigid body dynamics using Jacobi elliptic functions and integrals
E. Celledoni
26 Apr 2007: Multi-stepping integrators in astrophysical n-body systems
J. Stadel
26 Apr 2007: Symplectic Integrators and HMC in Quantum Field Theory
A. Kennedy
25 Apr 2007: What makes molecular dynamics work?
R. Skeel
25 Apr 2007: Integral-preserving integrators & linearization-preserving integrators
R. Quispel
25 Apr 2007: Highly oscillatory Hamiltonian systems with non-constant mass matrix
D. Cohen
25 Apr 2007: Geometric integration and 2D mesh generation
C. Budd
24 Apr 2007: Modified differential equations
E. Hairer

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007HOP > HOPW03

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