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15 Jan - 6 Jul 2007

Highly Oscillatory Problems: Computation, Theory and Application

An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

2 - 6 Jul 2007: HOPw05 - Effective Computational Methods for Highly Oscillatory Problems: The Interplay between Mathematical Theory and Applications
in association with the HOP programme
19 Jun 2007: HOPw07 - Oscillatory Integrals and Integral Equations in High Frequency Scattering and Wave Propagation
in association with the HOP programme
24 - 27 Apr 2007: HOPw03 - Applying Geometric Integrators
in association with the HOP programme
26 - 30 Mar 2007: HOPw02 - The Theory of Highly Oscillatory Problems
in association with the HOP programme
22 - 23 Feb 2007: HOPw01 - London Workshop - The Future of Computational Acoustics
in association with the HOP programme
An Isaac Newton Institute/EPSRC Noise Futures Network Event - Arup Acoustics, Carlow House, London

Individual Presentations

28 Jun 2007: Sparse finite element method for nonlinear monotone problems with multiple scales
VH. Hoang
27 Jun 2007: Spectral methods and modified Fourier series
B. Adcock
27 Jun 2007: Fourier analysis of the 1-d discontinuous Galerkin methods
A-M. Marica
27 Jun 2007: Interpolation in special orthogonal groups
T. Shingel
22 Jun 2007: Homogenisation: Analysis and Computation
B. Engquist
21 Jun 2007: The fast evaluation of matrix functions for exponential integrators
T. Schmelzer
20 Jun 2007: From the wave packet estimate to exact observability
C. Zheng
20 Jun 2007: Numerical solution to highly oscillatory systems of ODEs
M. Khanamirian
20 Jun 2007: Reconsidering trigonometric integrators
D. O'Neale
13 Jun 2007: Riemann Hilbert problems: theory and applications
P. Deift
13 Jun 2007: On the approximation of spectra and pseudospectra of non-self-adjoint Hilbert space operators
A. Hansen
11 Jun 2007: Invariantisation of numerical schemes
P. Olver
7 Jun 2007: A mathematical study of the Car-Parrinello method
F. Bornemann
30 May 2007: Weak convergence, realisation of holonomic constraints, and the quantum adiabatic theorem
F. Bornemann
29 May 2007: Fast multiscale denoising of surface meshes in 3D with intrinsic texture
U. Ascher
24 May 2007: Exponential integrators for advection and diffusion problems
A. Ostermann
23 May 2007: Lifting the curse of dimensionality - numerical integrations in very high dimensions
I. Sloan
22 May 2007: Geometric integrators for the Camassa-Holm equation
B. Owren
18 May 2007: Inertia-gravity-wave generation by slow motion in the atmosphere and oceans
J. Vanneste
17 May 2007: Generalised Fisher-Hartwig and Szeg\"o-Widom asymptotics
A. Its
16 May 2007: Lie-group variational integrators and their applications to geometric optimal control theory
M. Leok
9 May 2007: Numerical computation of space-time patterns of PDEs with symmetry
V. Th\"ummler
8 May 2007: Dispersive numerical schemes for linear and nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations
L. Ignat
8 May 2007: Oscillations and rough paths
P. Friz
3 May 2007: The higher order Stokes phenomenon: when is a Stokes line not a Stokes line?
C. Howls
2 May 2007: Improving Poincar\'e: exponential asymptotics for ODEs and integrals with saddles
A. Olde Daalhius
1 May 2007: Time-dependent models of phase transformations and their numerical approximations
R. Melnik
26 Apr 2007: An efficient numerical solution of Sturn--Liouville problems
V. Ledoux
25 Apr 2007: A construction of mixed finite element spaces on polyhedral meshes
S. Christiansen
18 Apr 2007: Wave propagation on planar graphs
E. Zuazua
17 Apr 2007: Symplectic Runge - Kutta Methods
R. McLachlan
29 Mar 2007: Numerically evaluating the Evans function by Magnus integration
SJA. Malham
22 Mar 2007: Analysis of splitting methods for reaction-diffusion equations in the light of stochastic calculus
E. Faou
21 Mar 2007: Long-time-step methods for highly oscillatory Hamiltonian problems
C. Lubich
21 Mar 2007: Fluids, parcel dynamics and oscillations
S. Reich
20 Mar 2007: Backward error analysis and its limitations
E. Hairer
15 Mar 2007: On asymptotic regimes for the Maxwell-Dirac system
P. Markowich
14 Mar 2007: A fast multipole method for oscillatory kernels
B. Engquist
14 Mar 2007: Cayley Transform Techniques in PDEs and their Numerical Approximations (on the example of convection-diffusion equations)
R. Melnik
13 Mar 2007: Nonlinear diffusions as limits of BGK-type kinetic equations
P. Markowich
12 Mar 2007: High frequency scattering by a collection of convex bodies
F. Ecevit
7 Mar 2007: Integrating exponentials over a simplex: a surprising link with exponential Brownian motion
B. Baxter
6 Mar 2007: Robust boundary integral methods in high frequency acoustic scattering
I. Graham
2 Mar 2007: High frequency asymptotics in scattering by smooth and non-smooth obstacles: analytical and numerical aspects
V. Smyshlyaev
1 Mar 2007: Algorithms for sparse approximation and applications
A. Gilbert
28 Feb 2007: Exponential operator splitting for time-dependent Schroedinger equation
M. Thalhammer
27 Feb 2007: Highly accurate computation of the Dirichlet-Neumann map
S. Fulton
26 Feb 2007: A fast phase space method for computing creeping waves
O. Runborg
21 Feb 2007: Regularized combined field integral equations
R. Hiptmair
15 Feb 2007: A numerical approach to the method of steepest descent
S. Vandewalle & D.Huybrechs
15 Feb 2007: Moment-free numerical integration of highly oscillatory functions
S. Olver
14 Feb 2007: Computational high frequency wave propagation
O. Runborg
14 Feb 2007: Infinite oscillatory integrals
D. Levin
13 Feb 2007: Computing modified Fourier approximations in cubes
A. Iserles
13 Feb 2007: Filon-type methods for highly oscillatory integrals
S. Norsett
7 Feb 2007: Macro-to-micro methods for highly oscillatory partial differential equations
A. Abdulle
1 Feb 2007: On nonlinear steepest descent
S. Kamvissis
31 Jan 2007: Numerical simulation of Bose--Einstein condensation
P. Markowich
30 Jan 2007: Finite-volume time-domain modelling of the Maxwell system and domain-truncation techniques
K. Sankaran
30 Jan 2007: What can happen to the spectrum in low-rank perturbations?
O. Nevanlinna
24 Jan 2007: Circlets, vectorands and real linear operators
O. Nevanlinna
17 Jan 2007: An overview of oscillatory integrals and integral operators in high frequency scattering
S. Chandler-Wilde

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