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6 - 10 Aug 2007

BNRw01 - Construction & Properties of Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Models

in association with the BNR programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

10 Aug 2007: Some new identities for Dirichlet means and implications
L. James
10 Aug 2007: Posterior consistency of species sampling priors
J. Lee
10 Aug 2007: Convexification and multimodality of random probability measures
G. Kokolakis
10 Aug 2007: Normalised kernel-weighted random measures
J. Griffin
10 Aug 2007: Double Dirichlet process mixtures
S. Basu
10 Aug 2007: Bayesian nonparametric methods for prediction in EST analysis
R. Mena
10 Aug 2007: Asymptotics for posterior hazards
P. De Blasi
10 Aug 2007: Bayesian clustering with regression
FA. Quintana
9 Aug 2007: Alternative posterior consisteency results in nonparametric binary regression using Gaussian process priors
T. Choi
9 Aug 2007: A Bayes method for a monotone hazard rate via ${S}$-paths
MW. Ho
9 Aug 2007: Bayesian nonparametric single-index regression
G. Karabatsos
9 Aug 2007: Gaussian processes for machine learning
CKI. Williams
9 Aug 2007: The matrix stick-breaking process: flexible Bayes meta analysis
D. Dunson
9 Aug 2007: Postulating monotonicity in nonparametric Bayesian regression
E. Arjas
9 Aug 2007: Bayesian inference for quantile regression, expectile regression and M-quantile regression
K. Yu
9 Aug 2007: Bayesian semiparametric cure rate model with an unknown threshold
G. Yin
9 Aug 2007: Flexibly modelling conditional distributions in regression
R. Kohn
8 Aug 2007: Bayesian nonparametric modelling with the Dirichlet process regression smoother
M. Steel
8 Aug 2007: Functional data analysis using a levy random fields model for multi-spectra peak identification and classification
L. House
8 Aug 2007: Bayesian semiparametric analysis for a single item maintenance optimis
E. Popova
8 Aug 2007: Regularised posteriors in linear ill-posed inverse problems
A. Simoni
8 Aug 2007: Hybrid Dirichlet processes for functional data
S. Petrone
8 Aug 2007: A DDP model for survival regression
M. De Iorio
8 Aug 2007: Semiparametric bayes joint modeling with functional predictors
A. Herring
8 Aug 2007: On the posterior structure of NRMI
I. Prunster
8 Aug 2007: Semiparametric inference for the accelerated failure time model using hierarchical mixtures with generalised gamma processes
A. Guglielmi
7 Aug 2007: Minimally informative nonparametric Bayesian procedures
SN. MacEachern
7 Aug 2007: Canonical representations for dependent Dirichlet populations
D. Spano
7 Aug 2007: Bayesian nonparametrics and variance regression-: mixtures of Dirichlet processes and the slice sampler
M. Kalli
7 Aug 2007: Useful priors for covariance operators
D. Cox
7 Aug 2007: Genetic association studies in the presence of population structure and admixture
P. Laud
7 Aug 2007: Semi-parametric survival analysis with time dependent covariates
W. Johnson
7 Aug 2007: Some good news about nonparametric priors in density estimation
LE. Nieto-Barajas
7 Aug 2007: Bayesian countable representation of some population genetics diffusions
M. Ruggiero
7 Aug 2007: Posterior consisteny of logistic random effect models
Y. Kim
6 Aug 2007: Applications to machine learning
Y. Teh
6 Aug 2007: Applications to biostatistics
D. Dunson
6 Aug 2007: Models beyond the Dirichlet process
A. Lijoi
6 Aug 2007: Dirichlet process, related priors and posterior asymptotics
S. Ghoshal

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