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8 Jan - 29 Jun 2007

Analysis on Graphs and its Applications

An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

29 May - 2 Jun 2007: AGAw04 - Analysis on Graphs and Fractals
in association with the AGA programme
10 - 13 Apr 2007: AGAw03 - Graph Models of Mesoscopic Systems, Wave-Guides and Nano-Structures
in association with the AGA programme
2 - 5 Apr 2007: AGAw02 - Quantum Graphs, their Spectra and Applications
in association with the AGA programme

Individual Presentations

26 Jun 2007: The spectral minimum of the random displacement model
G. Stolz
26 Jun 2007: Diffusion in narrow randomly perturbed tubes
M. Freidlin
22 Jun 2007: Analysis on Graphs and its Applications
P. Kuchment
21 Jun 2007: Bernoulli decompositions for random variables and applications
S. Warzel
21 Jun 2007: Some spectral problems for non-selfadjoint operators
I. Wood
19 Jun 2007: Random Perturbations of Jordan Matrices and the Relevance of Directed Graphs
E.B. Davies
13 Jun 2007: Applications of computer methods and mathematical ideas in archaeology
U. Smilansky
13 Jun 2007: Self-similar groups and Schur complement
R. Grigorchuk
12 Jun 2007: On one hydrostatic problem
S. Molchanov
8 Jun 2007: Transition density of Markov processes on fractal-like spaces
A. Grigor'yan
7 Jun 2007: Asymptotical properties of random trees on manifolds
M. Kelbert
5 Jun 2007: Wave propagation in networks of thin fibres: small diameter asymptotics
B. Vainberg
24 May 2007: Self-similar graphs, algebra and fractals
V. Nekrashevych
23 May 2007: Structural constraints in complex networks
S. Zhou
23 May 2007: Pollution-free methods for finding eigenvalues in the gaps of the continuous spectrum
M. Levitin
17 May 2007: Differential operators with singularities and generalised Nevanlinna functions
H. Langer
15 May 2007: Schur complement, Drichlet-to-Neumann map, and eigenfunctions on self-similar graphs
A. Teplyaev
1 May 2007: Spectral inequalities for a class of hypo-elliptic operators
A. Laptev
26 Apr 2007: Can one hear the shape of a network?
J. von Below
26 Apr 2007: On Inverse Problems for Trees
R. Weikard
24 Apr 2007: Kirchhoff Constants for Helmholtz Resonator
B. Pavlov
18 Apr 2007: Lower bounds of the entropy of quantum limits (after N. Anantharaman and S. Nonnemacher)
Y. Colin de Verdiere
16 Apr 2007: Multiplicities of eigenvalues and topology
Y. Colin de Verdiere
12 Apr 2007: Finding eigenvalues and resonances of the Laplacian on domains with regular ends
M. Levitin
22 Mar 2007: On the negative spectrum of quantum graphs
V. Kostrykin
20 Mar 2007: Internet tomography
C. Berenstein
15 Mar 2007: The Method of Images on a Quantum Graph
J. Wilson
13 Mar 2007: Validated computation tool for Perron-Frobenius eigenvalue using graph theory
K. Nagatou
13 Mar 2007: A computer-assisted existence proof for photonic band gaps
M. Plum
7 Mar 2007: Zeta and L-functions of graphs
H. Stark
6 Mar 2007: Zeta functions of weighted graphs and covering graphs
A. Terras
1 Mar 2007: Another Martini for quantum graphs
J. Bruening
27 Feb 2007: Is there an interesting index theory for quantum graphs?
S. Fulling
21 Feb 2007: Spectral edges for periodic operators - some quantum graph examples
B. Winn
16 Feb 2007: Hyperbolic polynomials and lower bounds in combinatorics
L. Gurvits
15 Feb 2007: Matrix valued orthogonal polynomials and random walks
A. Grunbaum
15 Feb 2007: Scattering on a decorated star-graph as a toy model for the spectral theory of automorphic functions
V. Geyler
8 Feb 2007: Quantum chaos on graphs
J. Harrison
7 Feb 2007: Eigenvalue estimates for Schroedinger operators on regular metric trees
T. Ekholm
1 Feb 2007: An approximate boundary distance representation and an approximate reconstruction of a Riemannian manifold
YV. Kurylev
26 Jan 2007: Asymptotic aspects of Schreier graphs of self-similar groups
Z. Sunik
23 Jan 2007: Liouville theorems for equations on coverings of graphs and manifolds
P. Kuchment
23 Jan 2007: On the K$_4$ crystal
T. Sunada
18 Jan 2007: What is a Discrete Complex Analysis on the Equilateral Triangle Lattice?
S. Novikov

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2007 > AGA

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