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24 - 28 Jul 2006

STPw01 - Spectral Theory and its Applications

in association with the STP programme

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28 Jul 2006: Enhancement of dissipation by fast mixing
A. Kiselev
28 Jul 2006: Spectral confinement and current for atoms in strong magnetic fields
S. Fournais
28 Jul 2006: Some Eigenvalue inequalities for Schrodinger operators with positive potentials
A. Laptev
28 Jul 2006: Diffraction by edges
A. Vasy
27 Jul 2006: Liouville theorems and spectral edge behavior for periodic operators on Albelian covering of compact manifolds
P. Kuchment
27 Jul 2006: Homogenization of periodic differential operators as a spectral threshold effect
T. Suslina
27 Jul 2006: Lieb-Thirring inequalitites for Schroedinger operators with complex-valued potentials
E. Lieb
27 Jul 2006: Spectral properties of the perturbed Landau Hamiltonian
G. Rozenbljum
27 Jul 2006: Non-self-adjoint operators and pseudospectra
B. Davies
26 Jul 2006: Estimates from below for the remainder in Weyl's law
D. Jacobson
26 Jul 2006: Finite dimensional distributions of Brownian motion and stable processes
R. Banuelos
26 Jul 2006: Inverse spectral results on line bundles over even dimensional tori
CS. Gordon
26 Jul 2006: Eta invariant, boundaries and the determinant line bundle
F. Rochon
26 Jul 2006: Adiabatic linear equation whose generator has continuous spectrum
V. Buslaev
26 Jul 2006: Large time behavior of heat kernels on forms
T. Coulhon
25 Jul 2006: Determinants of zeroth order operators
L. Friedlander
25 Jul 2006: Nodal domains and spectral minimal partitions
T. Hoffman-Ostenhof
25 Jul 2006: Some Eigenvalue comparison results
M. Ashbaugh
25 Jul 2006: Positive solutions to second-order semilinear and quasilinear elliptic equations in unbounded domains
V. Liskevich
25 Jul 2006: On Lieb-Thirring-Hardy inequalities
R. Frank
25 Jul 2006: Semi-classical analysis for non self-adjoint problems and applications to hydrodynamic instability
B. Helffer
24 Jul 2006: Heat kernels for Schrodinger operators
A. Grigoryan
24 Jul 2006: The differences of spectral projections and scattering matrix
A. Pushnitski
24 Jul 2006: Quantum vacuum energy as spectral theory
S. Fulling
24 Jul 2006: KdV, mKdV and eigenfunctions of Shroedinger qperators
M. Shubin
24 Jul 2006: The Lyapunov exponent for certain ergodic matrix cocycles and the spectrum of the associated Schrodinger operator
F. Klopp

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006STP > STPw01

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