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20 - 24 Nov 2006

SCBw03 - Stochastic Computation for the Analysis of Ecological and Epidemiological Data

in association with the SCB programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

24 Nov 2006: Exact Bayesian inference and model selection for some infection models
D. Clancy
24 Nov 2006: Statistical inference for epidemics among a population of households
FG. Ball
24 Nov 2006: Climate-driven spatial dynamics of plague among prairie dog colonies
T. Snall
24 Nov 2006: Bayesian inference for structured population models given final outcome data
PD. O'Neill
24 Nov 2006: Uses and abuses of stochastic models in veterinary epidemiology
J. Wood
23 Nov 2006: Building and fitting models of host-virus interaction
D. Welch
23 Nov 2006: Epidemics on graphs: thresholds and curing strategies
A. Ganesh
23 Nov 2006: Modeling tuberculosis in areas of high HIV prevalence
G. Hughes
23 Nov 2006: Estimating mixing between subpopulations using respondent driven sampling
S. Frost
23 Nov 2006: A probabilistic test of the neutral model
C. Mutshinda Mwanza
22 Nov 2006: Small worlds and giant epidemics
D. Mollison
22 Nov 2006: Bayesian experimental design with Stochastic epidemic models
G. Gibson
22 Nov 2006: Roubst MCMC algorithms for Bayesian inference in stochastic eipdemic models
T. Kypraios
22 Nov 2006: Parameter estimation for spatio-temporal models of botanical epidemics
C. Gilligan
21 Nov 2006: A general space-time growth-interaction process for inferring and developing structure from partial observations
E. Renshaw
21 Nov 2006: Covariate information in complex event history data - some thoughts arising from a case study
E. Arjas
21 Nov 2006: Use of Monte Carlo particle filters to fit and compare models for the dynamics of wild animal populations
L. Thomas
20 Nov 2006: Embedding population dynamics models in inference
ST. Buckland
20 Nov 2006: Recent advances in statistical ecology using computationally intensive methods
R. King
20 Nov 2006: Estimation of births deaths and immigration from mark-recapture data
RB. O'Hara

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006SCB > SCBw03

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