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11 - 15 Dec 2006

SCBw02 - Recent Advances in Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics

in association with the SCB programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

15 Dec 2006: A genome-wide association study in breast cancer
D. Easton
15 Dec 2006: Lindley's paradox, star-tree paradox, and Bayesian phylogenetics
Z. Yang
15 Dec 2006: Approximate Bayesian computation vs Markov chain Monte Carlo
J. Lopes
15 Dec 2006: Towards linkage analysis with markers in linkage disequilibrium by graphical modelling
A. Thomas
14 Dec 2006: A hybrid Bayesian method for detecting multiple causal variants from Genome-Wide association studies
C. Hoggart
14 Dec 2006: Exploring the role of noncoding DNA in the function of the human genome through variation
C. Bird
14 Dec 2006: Population structure and eigenanalysis
N. Patterson
14 Dec 2006: Detecting natural selection with empirical codon models: a synthesis of population genetics and molecular phylogenetics
C. Kosiol
14 Dec 2006: Estimating genealogies from marker data: a Bayesian approach
E. Arjas
13 Dec 2006: Probabilistic modelling of metabolic regulation in prokaryotes
L. Wernisch
13 Dec 2006: Estimating the effects of SNPs on protein structure
C. Worth
13 Dec 2006: Minimal ancestral recombination graphs
J. Hein
12 Dec 2006: Techniques for the detection of copy number variation using SNP genotyping arrays
C. Barnes
12 Dec 2006: Inference of cis and trans regulatory variation in the human genome
M. Dermitzakis
12 Dec 2006: Bayesian analysis of gene expression data
S. Richardson
12 Dec 2006: Modelling the boundaries of highly conserved non-coding DNA sequences in vertebrates
K. Walter
12 Dec 2006: From protein structure to biological function:progress and limitations
JM. Thornton
11 Dec 2006: Aspects of feature selection in Mass Spec proteomic functional data
P. Brown
11 Dec 2006: Colouring and breaking sticks, pairwise coincidence losses, and clustering expression profiles
PJ. Green
11 Dec 2006: Causal effects in functional genomics
C. Berzuini
11 Dec 2006: Overview of statistical issues in genome-wide association testing
A. Clark

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006SCB > SCBw02

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