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30 Oct - 3 Nov 2006

SCBw01 - Recent Advances in Monte Carlo Based Inference

in association with the SCB programme

Warning: Information on this page may be out of date.

For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

3 Nov 2006: Randomized quasi-Monte Carlo for Markov Chains
P. L'Ecuyer
3 Nov 2006: Sampling the energy landscape: thermodynamics and rates
D. Wales
3 Nov 2006: Branching process Monte Carlo
P. Green
3 Nov 2006: Configurationally-Biased MC and Virtual-move parallel tempering
D. Frenkel
2 Nov 2006: Bayesian inference for nonlinear multivariate diffusion processes
D. Wilkinson
2 Nov 2006: Importance sampling for diffusion processes
O. Papaspiliopoulos
2 Nov 2006: Sequential Monte Carlo methods: can we replace the resampling step?
D. Crisan
2 Nov 2006: Nested sampling
D. Mackay
2 Nov 2006: Extensions of the CE method for statistical analysis
N. Chopin
1 Nov 2006: The expected auxiliary variable method for Monte Carlo simulation
C. Andrieu
1 Nov 2006: Retrospective sampling
G. Roberts
1 Nov 2006: A sequential importance sampler for reconstructing genetic pedigrees
T. Johnson
1 Nov 2006: Sequential Monte Carlo for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
D. Leslie
1 Nov 2006: Applications of extended ensemble Monte Carlo
Y. Iba
31 Oct 2006: Deterministic alternatives to MCMC
Z. Ghahramani
31 Oct 2006: Adaptive population Monte Carlo
O. Cappe
31 Oct 2006: Sequentially interacting Markov Chain Monte Carlo
A. Doucet
31 Oct 2006: Population-based MC for sampling trans-dimensional Bayesian regression models
C. Holmes
30 Oct 2006: Estimating functions in indirect inference
A. Frigessi
30 Oct 2006: Some developments of ABC
D. Balding
30 Oct 2006: From doubly intractable distributions via auxiliary variables to likelihood free inference
T. Pettitt
30 Oct 2006: Now you know your ABCs: examples and problems
S. Tavare

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006SCB > SCBw01

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