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18 - 22 Sep 2006

PEMw02 - Painlevé Equations and Monodromy Problems: Recent Developments

in association with the PEM programme

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22 Sep 2006: Monodromy-free Schrodinger equations and Painlevé transcendents
A. Veselov
22 Sep 2006: Two constructions for the isomonodromic tau-functions
I. Strachan
22 Sep 2006: Riemann-Hilbert problems associated with Hurwitz Frobenious manifolds
V. Shramchenko
22 Sep 2006: From the KP hierarchy to the Painlevé equations
S. Kakei
22 Sep 2006: Non-linear differential Galois theory
B. Malgrange
22 Sep 2006: On oscillatory behaviour in PDEs and certain Painleve'-type transcendents
B. Dubrovin
21 Sep 2006: Twistors and monodromy
N. Woodhouse
21 Sep 2006: The Hamiltonian structure of the second Painlevé hierarchy
M. Mazzocco
21 Sep 2006: Estimates of difference operators in the complex plane
EYM. Chiang
21 Sep 2006: The Riemann-Hilbert approach to the asymptotics of isomonodromic problems
MY. Mo
21 Sep 2006: Degeneration and symmetry of the Schlesinger system from the point of view of Twistor theory
H. Kimura
21 Sep 2006: Degenerate Gaussian Unitary ensembles and Painlevé IV
M. Feigin
21 Sep 2006: Rational solutions and associated special polynomials associated for the Painlevé equations
P. Clarkson
21 Sep 2006: Matrix integrals as isomonodromic tau functions
J. Harnad
20 Sep 2006: On matrix Painlevé equations
Y. Murata
20 Sep 2006: Bergman tau-function and determinants of Laplacians in flat conical metrics over Riemann surfaces
D. Korotkin
20 Sep 2006: Solving Painlevé connection problems using 2-dimensional integrable quantum field theory
B. Doyon
19 Sep 2006: The sixth Painlevé equation: a chaotic dynamical system
K. Iwasaki
19 Sep 2006: A family solutions of a degenerate Garnier system near a singularity
S. Shimomura
19 Sep 2006: Value distribution of solutions of Painlevé differential equations
I. Laine
19 Sep 2006: Finite order meromorphic solutions and the discrete Painlevé equations
R. Korhonen
19 Sep 2006: Dissipationless shocks and Painlevé equations
C. Klein
19 Sep 2006: Universality of Painlevé functions in random matrix models
A. Kuijlaars
19 Sep 2006: Critical infinite-dimensional diffusions and non-linear equations for their transition probabilities
P. van Moerbeke
18 Sep 2006: Discrete Painlevé equations for recurrence coefficients of orthogonal polynomials
W. Van Assche
18 Sep 2006: Diophantine integrability
R. Halburd
18 Sep 2006: Rational surfaces and discrete Painlevé equations
H. Sakai
18 Sep 2006: Painlevé systems arising from integrable hierarchies
M. Noumi
18 Sep 2006: Linear and nonlinear theories of discrete analytic functions. Integrable structure and isomonodromic Green's function
A. Bobenko

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006PEM > PEMw02

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