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9 - 13 Jan 2006

PDSw01 - Relaxation Dynamics of Macroscopic Systems

in association with the PDS programme

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13 Jan 2006: Recovering folding free energies of RNA molecules in an experimental test of Crooks fluctuation theorem
F. Ritort
13 Jan 2006: Jamming percolation and glass transition in lattice models
C. Toninelli
13 Jan 2006: Metastable states, relaxation times and free-energy barriers in finite dimensional glassy systems
S. Franz
13 Jan 2006: Towards the theory of the structural glass transition
M. Moore
13 Jan 2006: Statistics of a slave estimator
D. Dean
13 Jan 2006: Zero-range processes: prototypical stochastic models with slow dynamics and nonequilibrium phase transitions
C. Godreche
12 Jan 2006: Disorder and non-conservation in a driven diffusive system
M. Evans
12 Jan 2006: Field theory for Brownian fluids, fluctuation-dissipation theorem and self-consistent resummations
A. Lefevre
12 Jan 2006: The Arcsine law and scaling limits for trap models
G. Ben Arous
12 Jan 2006: On the relation between length and time scales in glassy systems
A. Montanari
12 Jan 2006: Anomalous heat transport in low dimensional systems
R. Livi
11 Jan 2006: Dynamics of gelling liquids
A. Zippelius
11 Jan 2006: Spectral approaches to ageing
A. Bovier
11 Jan 2006: Low T scaling behavior of 2D disordered and frustrated models
E. Marinari
10 Jan 2006: Thermal stochastic dynamics in complex systems
F. Guerra
10 Jan 2006: Dynamics on finitely connected random graphs
T. Coolen
10 Jan 2006: Length scale for the onset of Fickian diffusion in supercooled liquids
L. Berthier
10 Jan 2006: Dynamical facillitation view of glass formers
J-P. Garrahan
10 Jan 2006: Dynamical heterogeneities and growing length scales in glassy systems: physical origin, models and experiments
J-P. Bouchaud
9 Jan 2006: Pinning of random directed polymers: smoothening of the transition and some path properties
F. Toninelli
9 Jan 2006: Dynamical symmetries in phase-ordering kinetics
M. Henkel
9 Jan 2006: Asymptotically exact scaling for nonequilibrium static and dynamic critical behaviour
R. Stinchcombe
9 Jan 2006: Slow dynamics in systems with long-range interactions
S. Ruffo
9 Jan 2006: Activated aging dynamics and negative fluctuation-dissipation ratios
P. Sollich
9 Jan 2006: Field theory and exact stochastic equations for interacting particle systems
G. Biroli

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006PDS > PDSw01

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