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9 Jan - 30 Jun 2006

Principles of the Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems

An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

26 - 30 Jun 2006: PDSw03 - First-passage and extreme value problems in random processes
in association with the PDS programme
27 Mar - 7 Apr 2006: PDSw02 - Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Interacting Particle Systems
in association with the PDS programme
9 - 13 Jan 2006: PDSw01 - Relaxation Dynamics of Macroscopic Systems
in association with the PDS programme

Individual Presentations

13 Jun 2006: Point processes with specified correlation functions
E. Speer
9 Jun 2006: The Statistics of Scientific Citations
S. Redner
6 Jun 2006: Social balance on networks: The dynamics of friendship and hatred
S. Redner
2 Jun 2006: Statistical mechanics: Historical overview and current issues
J. Lebowitz
31 May 2006: Phase transitions and mesoscopic structures in systems with long range interactions
J. Lebowitz
30 May 2006: A sigma model approach to glassy dynamics
L. Cugliandolo
25 May 2006: Multiclass Hammersley-Aldous-Diaconis process and M/M/1 queues
P. Ferrari
18 May 2006: Quasi stationary distributions and Flemin Viot Processes
P. Ferrari
16 May 2006: Shear-thickening and the glass transition
J. Kurchan
11 May 2006: Moving interfaces in complex matter
R. Bausch
8 May 2006: Fluctuation theorems and the zero-range process
R. Harris
4 May 2006: Bethe ansatz solution of the asymmetric exclusion process
K. Mallick
2 May 2006: Stochastic models in biology and their deterministic analogues
A. McKane
27 Apr 2006: Clustering in passive scalar systems
M. Barma
25 Apr 2006: Conformal invariance and its breaking in a stochastic model of a fluctuating interface
V. Rittenberg
20 Apr 2006: Asymptotics of the Trapping Reaction
A. Bray
18 Apr 2006: Chaos and the physics of non-equilibrium systems
H. van Beijeren
11 Apr 2006: Anomalous finite-size effects in low-dimensional driven systems
B. Schmittmann
22 Mar 2006: Spatial correlations of the 1D KPZ surface
T. Sasamoto
21 Mar 2006: Particle clustering in a traffic model
L.F. Gray
17 Mar 2006: The non-equilibrium dynamics of new-dialect formation
R. Blythe
16 Mar 2006: The Schrodinger-Virasoro algebra: a mathematical structure between conformal field theory and non-equilibrium dynamics
J. Unterberger
15 Mar 2006: Overview of kinetically constrained models of glass-formers. Part II
J.P. Garrahan
14 Mar 2006: What happens to detailed balance away from equilibrium
R.M.L. Evans
9 Mar 2006: Fluctuation relations in non-equilibrium stationary states of Langevin systems
EGD. Cohen
7 Mar 2006: Partially asymmetric exclusion process with strong disorder
L. Santen
2 Mar 2006: Stationary results on condensation in two-component zero-range processes
S. Grosskinsky
28 Feb 2006: Phase transitions and scaling laws in step bunching on vicinal surfaces
V. Popkov
22 Feb 2006: Condensation and coarsening of step bunches
J. Krug
16 Feb 2006: Wealth condensation as a zero range process
D. Johnson
9 Feb 2006: Evolutionary trajectories in rugged fitness landscapes
K. Jain
2 Feb 2006: Metallic glasses - a glassy state from hard spheres?
L. Greer
24 Jan 2006: Dynamics and thermodynamics of systems with long range interactions
D. Mukamel
19 Jan 2006: Diffusion in random media and the glass transition
D. Dean

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