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18 - 22 Dec 2006

NCGw03 - Trends in Noncommutative Geometry

in association with the NCG programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

22 Dec 2006: Noncommutative and nonassociative T-duality for principal bundles
K. Hannabuss
22 Dec 2006: Unbounded elements in C-star algebras
SL. Woronowicz
21 Dec 2006: Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt deformations of Calabi-Yau algebras
R. Berger
21 Dec 2006: Graded 3-dimensional Calabi Yau algebras
R. Bocklandt
21 Dec 2006: A noncommutative family of instantons
C. Pagani
21 Dec 2006: Noncommutative vector bundles on quantum homogeneous spaces and representations of quantum groups
R. Zhang
21 Dec 2006: Hecke algebras and quiver varieties
I. Gordon
21 Dec 2006: Twisted K-theory old and new
M. Karoubi
20 Dec 2006: Non-Commutative worlds
LH. Kauffman
20 Dec 2006: Quantum Lorentz groups obtained by Rieffel deformation
P. Kasprzak
20 Dec 2006: On quantum groups from multiplicative unitaries
P. Soltan
20 Dec 2006: Noncommutative projective surfaces
D. Rogalski
20 Dec 2006: The Baum-Connes conjecture for the dual of SU_q(2)
C. Voigt
20 Dec 2006: An invitation to bounded cohomology
N. Monod
20 Dec 2006: Aperiodically ordered patterns
J. Hunton
19 Dec 2006: Topological boundary maps in physics, general theory and applications
J. Kellendonk
19 Dec 2006: Phase transition in the Connes-Marcolli GL2-system
S. Neshveyev
19 Dec 2006: Hecke algebras and the finite part of the Connes-Marcolli C*-algebra
N. Larsen
19 Dec 2006: A study of fractals based on non commutative methods
E. Christensen
19 Dec 2006: Iwasawa algebras
K. Ardakov
19 Dec 2006: Motives and noncommutative geometry
K. Consani
18 Dec 2006: Nonlinear transformations in Lagrangians and a graphical calculus
P. Cartier
18 Dec 2006: Homogeneous coordinate rings for noncommutative tori and modular functions
J. Plazas
18 Dec 2006: Zariski geometries: from classical to quantum
B. Zilber
18 Dec 2006: Affine Hecke algebras, Langlands duality and geometric structure
R. Plymen
18 Dec 2006: Operator algebras and elliptic cohomology
A. Wassermann
18 Dec 2006: QG and RH, an analogy
A. Connes

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006NCG > NCGw03

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