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31 Jul - 4 Aug 2006

NCGw01 - Noncommutative Geometry and Cycle Cohomology

in association with the NCG programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

4 Aug 2006: Locally compact quantum groups
SL. Woronowicz
4 Aug 2006: Flat connections and comodules
T. Brzezinski
4 Aug 2006: Braided homology of quantum groups
T. Hadfield
4 Aug 2006: Cyclic cohomology of Hopf algebras of transverse symmetries
B. Rangipour
3 Aug 2006: Property A, exactness of uniform Roe algebra, and uniform embeddings in groups
J. Brodzki
3 Aug 2006: Formal deformations of gerbes and etale groupoids
A. Gorokhovsky
3 Aug 2006: Real Riemann-Roch theorem
B. Tsygan
3 Aug 2006: Baum-Connes isomorphism for certain quantum groups
R. Nest
2 Aug 2006: Noncommutative geometry and lower dimensional volumes in Riemannian and CR geometries
R. Ponge
2 Aug 2006: Equivariant spectral triples for odd dimensional quantum spheres
AK. Pal
2 Aug 2006: Geometrization of the Novikov conjecture for residually finite groups
G. Yu
2 Aug 2006: On the Hochschild homology of quantum groups
U. Kraehmer
2 Aug 2006: A new homology theory on rings: the stabilized Witt groups
M. Karoubi
1 Aug 2006: Pairings in cyclic cohomology with co-efficients and bivariant theory
G. Sharygin
1 Aug 2006: A noncommutative sheaf theory
EJ. Beggs
1 Aug 2006: Noncommutative algebraic geometry and the representation theory of p-adic groups
P. Baum
1 Aug 2006: Noncommutative geometry on Q-spaces of Q-lattices
H. Moscovici
1 Aug 2006: Dimensional regularization, chiral anomalies, and the local index formula in noncommutative geometry
A. Connes
31 Jul 2006: Relative pairing in cycle cohomology and divisor flows
M. Pflaum
31 Jul 2006: Bivariant Hopf cyclic cohomology I
M. Khalkhali
31 Jul 2006: What do we know, and what we do not, about exotic traces
M. Wodzicki
31 Jul 2006: A noncommutative geometry approach to the representation theory of p-adic groups
R. Plymen

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006NCG > NCGw01

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