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27 Feb - 3 Mar 2006

LAAw02 - Logic and Databases

in association with the LAA programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

3 Mar 2006: Temporal logics for n-ary queries over XML documents
P. Barcelo
3 Mar 2006: The complexity of processing data streams and external memory data II
N. Schweikardt
2 Mar 2006: Locally consistent transformations and query answering in data exchange
M. Arenas
2 Mar 2006: Complete axiomatisation for PDLpath
N. Alechina
2 Mar 2006: Database normalization revisited: an information-theoretic approach
L. Libkin
2 Mar 2006: Automatic verification of communicating data-aware web services
V. Vianu
2 Mar 2006: Ontology mediated data management
D. Calvanese
2 Mar 2006: The complexity of processing data streams and external memory data I
N. Schweikardt
1 Mar 2006: Pebble tree walking automata and TC-logics on trees
L. Segoufin
1 Mar 2006: BPQL - A query language for business processes
C. Beeri
1 Mar 2006: Queries on tree-structured data: Logical languages and complexity
C. Koch
28 Feb 2006: A normal form for singulary logic over physically realizable data models
S. Lindell
28 Feb 2006: Approximation logic and databases
M. Katz
28 Feb 2006: Context logic and tree update
P. Gardner
28 Feb 2006: Foundations of Schema mappings II
P. Kolaitis
28 Feb 2006: Probabilities in databases and in logics II
D. Suciu
28 Feb 2006: Computational problems of data exchange
G. Gottlob
28 Feb 2006: Cardinality-based semantics for consistent query answering: incremental and parameterized complexity
L. Bertossi
27 Feb 2006: XPath with transitive closure
M. Marx
27 Feb 2006: Concentration bounds for Markov processes of metafinite models
J. Lynch
27 Feb 2006: Querying hyperset/web-like databases
V. Sazonov
27 Feb 2006: Foundations of Schema mappings I
P. Kolaitis
27 Feb 2006: Probabilities in databases and in logics I
D. Suciu
27 Feb 2006: The automaton approach to XML schema languages: from practice to theory
F. Neven

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2006LAA > LAAw02

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