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2 - 5 Oct 2006

Dynamics of Complex Fluids: 10 Years On

An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Warning: Information on this page may be out of date.

For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

5 Oct 2006: From cell extracts to granular monolayers: the universal hydrodynamics of self-driven systems
S. Ramaswamy
5 Oct 2006: Request for DCF material
C. Petrie
5 Oct 2006: Tube-deformation and PS in extension
TCB. McLeish
5 Oct 2006: Self-organisation and mechanics of active polymer solutions
T. Liverpool
5 Oct 2006: Come on - Feel the Noise!
B. Khatri
5 Oct 2006: On the efficient numerical simulation of kinetic theory models of complex fluids and flows
F. Chinesta
4 Oct 2006: Nonlinear Rheology of Polymer Melts - Implications of the Interchain Pressure Term in Tube Models with Strain Dependent Tube Diameter
M. Wagner
4 Oct 2006: Spatio-Temporal Rheochaos: Recent Experimental Results
S. Ramaswamy
4 Oct 2006: Viscoelasticity of entangled rings
M. Rubinstein
4 Oct 2006: Are viscoelastic flows under control or out of control?
M. Renardy
4 Oct 2006: Tubes: means paths, constraint release and bimodal blends
D. Read
4 Oct 2006: Entanglements and stress correlations in coarsegrained molecular dynamics
A. Likhtman
4 Oct 2006: Nonlinear Rheology of Branched Polymers
G. Leal
4 Oct 2006: Material instability in complex fluids - from conjecture to reality
J. Goddard
4 Oct 2006: Complex dynamics of shear banded flows
S. Fielding
4 Oct 2006: Fluids Breakup Dynamics
V. Entov
4 Oct 2006: A minimal model for chaotic shear banding in shear-thickening fluids
M. Cates
4 Oct 2006: Mesoscopic simulations of the rheology of entangled wormlike micelles
E. Boek
4 Oct 2006: Plateau modulus and terminal relaxation time: old ideas and new questions
C. Bailey
3 Oct 2006: Computational Rheology
M. Webster
3 Oct 2006: Phenomena and Problems in Liquid Crystal Elastomers
M. Warner
3 Oct 2006: Vitrification and melting in soft colloids
D. Vlassopoulos
3 Oct 2006: Drop deformation for viscoelastic liquid-liquid systems'
Y. Renardy
3 Oct 2006: Grid and Particle Based Methods for Complex Flows - the Way Forward
T. Phillips
3 Oct 2006: Precise Polymer Processing
M. Mackley
3 Oct 2006: Effect of Shear Flow on Polymer Demixing - the unanswered questions
J.S. Higgins
3 Oct 2006: Filament Stretching
O. Harlen
3 Oct 2006: Statistical mechanics of driven steady states
M. Evans
3 Oct 2006: Modelling the Response of Aqueous Foams (and emulsions?)
S. Cox
3 Oct 2006: Effect of Shear Flow on Polymer-Polymer Miscibility: Theoretical Advance and Challenges
N. Clarke
3 Oct 2006: Towards a constitutive equation for colloidal glasses
M. Cates
2 Oct 2006: Mesoscopic simulations of entangled polymers, blends, copolymers, and branched structures
G. Marrucci
2 Oct 2006: Rheology you can see: recent advances in the flow of concentrated suspensions
W. Poon
2 Oct 2006: Pom-poms and beyond.. 10 more years of the branched polymer challenge
TCB. McLeish
2 Oct 2006: Reflections and Recollections
A. Pearson
2 Oct 2006: Filament stretching rheometry ten years on
GH. McKinley

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