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12 - 16 Dec 2005

PFDw05 - Pattern Formation in Fluid Dynamics

in association with the PFD programme

Warning: Information on this page may be out of date.

For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

16 Dec 2005: Lagrangian and Eulerian time-scales in passive-scalar turbulence
D. Mitra
16 Dec 2005: Complex behaviour of large scale features of fully turbulent flows
L. Marie
16 Dec 2005: Localised convection cells in the presence of a vertical magnetic field
J. Dawes
16 Dec 2005: Nikolaevsky's equation for transverse instabilities of fronts
S. Cox
16 Dec 2005: Amplitude equations for transport dominated extended systems
C. Martel
15 Dec 2005: 3D long-wave oscillatory patterns in thermocapillary convection with Soret effect
S. Shklyaev
15 Dec 2005: Transverse instabilities of granular avalanches
I. Aronson
15 Dec 2005: Patterns in chaotically mixing fluid flows
A. Straube
15 Dec 2005: Faraday wave pattern formation with multi-frequency forcing
J. Porter
15 Dec 2005: Quasipatterns in surface wave experiments
A. Rucklidge
15 Dec 2005: Spatially periodic pattern selection in the Faraday problem
A. Skeldon
15 Dec 2005: Surface waves: from pattern formation to wave turbulence
S. Fauve
14 Dec 2005: Modulational instability of two pairs of counter-propagating waves and energy exchange in two-component media
K. Khusnutdinova
14 Dec 2005: Onset of spiral vortices in the Taylor-Couette experimnet
J. Abshagen
14 Dec 2005: Dewetting patterns
L. Pismen
14 Dec 2005: Global description of patterns far from onset: A case study
T. Passot
14 Dec 2005: The onset of cells in Taylor-Couette flow
T. Mullin
13 Dec 2005: Enhanced tracer transport by the spiral defect chaos state of a convecting fluid
K-H. Chiam
13 Dec 2005: Anisotropic and isotropic electroconvection
A. Buka
13 Dec 2005: Period-doubling bifurcations of spiral waves
B. Sandstede
13 Dec 2005: Smectic film electroconvection: A tempest in a soap bubble
S. Morris
12 Dec 2005: Spatial modulation and dynamo action in global stimulations of stellar convection
B. Brown
12 Dec 2005: Instability of flows near the onset of convection in a rotating layer with stress-free horizontal boundaries
O. Podvigina
12 Dec 2005: Instabilities in a non-homogeneously heated fluid
A.M. Mancho
12 Dec 2005: Rayleigh-Benard convection with modulated acceleration
W. Pesch
12 Dec 2005: Patterns of convection in layers heated from below and rotating about vertical or horizontal axes
F.H. Busse

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2005PFD > PFDw05

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