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8 - 12 Aug 2005

PFDw02 - Developments in Experimental Pattern Formation

in association with the PFD programme

Warning: Information on this page may be out of date.

For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

12 Aug 2005: Summary and discussion session
P. Hohenberg
12 Aug 2005: Fractal growth of viscous fingers
H. Swinney
12 Aug 2005: Effect of multiplicative noise on instabilities
S. Fauve
12 Aug 2005: Patterned segregation
T. Mullin
12 Aug 2005: Grain boundary motion and orientation selection in lamellar phases
J. Vinals
11 Aug 2005: An association of particules and waves on a fluid interface
Y. Couder
11 Aug 2005: Grid states and nonlinear selection in parametrically excited surface waves
J. Fineberg
11 Aug 2005: Foam Failure
S. Hilgenfeldt
11 Aug 2005: Order and disorder in columnar joints
S. Morris
11 Aug 2005: Dictysotelium aggregation: A meeting point of cell biology and pattern-formation physics
H. Levine
10 Aug 2005: Measuring fluid stretching to understand chemical reaction patterns and polymer mixing
J. Gollub
10 Aug 2005: Patterns and optical structures in liquid-crystal light-value experiments
S. Residori
10 Aug 2005: Spontaneous patterns in nonlinear optics
W. Firth
9 Aug 2005: Solitary states in forced Rayleigh-Benard convection
E. Bodenschatz
9 Aug 2005: Plant patterns and plant phylloFaxis
A. Newell
9 Aug 2005: Universal behaviour of self-organized patterns in gas-discharge
H-G. Purwins
9 Aug 2005: Snaking and its consequences
E. Knobloch
9 Aug 2005: Turbulent-laminar bands in plane Couette flow
L. Tuckerman
9 Aug 2005: Phase diagram of patterns in Couette-Taylor flow of dilute polymer solutions: co-dimension two and three points
V. Steinberg
8 Aug 2005: Domain chaos: Discrepancies between theory and experiment
M. Cross
8 Aug 2005: Homological characterization of complex spatiotemporal patterns
M. Schatz
8 Aug 2005: Pattern formation in dense granular flow on an inclined plane
R. Ecke
8 Aug 2005: Some unresolved issues in pattern-forming non-equilibrium systems
G. Ahlers

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2005PFD > PFDw02

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