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1 Aug - 23 Dec 2005

Pattern Formation in Large Domains

An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

12 - 16 Dec 2005: PFDw05 - Pattern Formation in Fluid Dynamics
in association with the PFD programme
11 Dec 2005: Lorenz Kramer Day
in association with the PFD programme
31 Oct - 1 Nov 2005: PFDw06 - Pattern Formation in Growing Domains
in association with the PFD programme
26 - 30 Sep 2005: PFDw04 - Theory and Applications of Coupled Cell Networks
in association with the PFD programme
19 - 23 Sep 2005: PFDw03 - Theoretical Aspects of Pattern Formation
in association with the PFD programme
8 - 12 Aug 2005: PFDw02 - Developments in Experimental Pattern Formation
in association with the PFD programme
1 - 5 Aug 2005: PFDw01 - Training Course
in association with the PFD programme

Individual Presentations

6 Dec 2005: Three-dimensional wave dynamics in falling liquid films: formation of lattices of interacting stationary solitary pulses
S. Kalliadasis
1 Dec 2005: Modulational instabilities due to strong spatial resonances
M. Proctor
29 Nov 2005: Viscous mean flows in nearly inviscid Faraday waves
E. Martin
22 Nov 2005: Localised pattern formation
A. Champneys
17 Nov 2005: Conservation laws, large-scale modes and localised patterns
P. Matthews
15 Nov 2005: Hopf bifurcation on hemispheres
A. Dias
10 Nov 2005: A new perspective on resonance in Hopf bifurcation from relative equilibria
I. Melbourne
8 Nov 2005: Nucleation of localised patterns in the 2D Swift-Hohenberg equation
D. Lloyd
3 Nov 2005: Boundary effects and the onset of Taylor vortices
A. Rucklidge
28 Oct 2005: Essential and absolute spectra, and their computation by continuation
J. Rademacher
27 Oct 2005: Spatio-temporal dynamics in a phase-field model with phase-dependent heat absorption
K. Blyuss
25 Oct 2005: Buckling of long, thin cylinders
G. Lord
20 Oct 2005: A normal form for excitable media
G. Gottwald
18 Oct 2005: Stability of spatially periodic pulse patterns
A. Doelman
13 Oct 2005: Sinai-Bunimovich space-time chaos in PDEs
S. Zelik
11 Oct 2005: On the convergence of travelling-front speeds as diffusion vanishes in reaction-diffusion equations with non-convex flux
E. Crooks
6 Oct 2005: Cycling cycles: Dynamics near a heteroclinic network
C. Postlethwaite
15 Sep 2005: Steady state bifurcation with symmetry
R. Lauterbach
13 Sep 2005: Symmetry-breaking from a degenerate orbit
D. Chillingworth
8 Sep 2005: How does flow in a pipe become turbulent?
B. Eckhardt
6 Sep 2005: Oscillations and subdiffusion in a granular segregation experiment
S. Morris
1 Sep 2005: The absolute spectrum and spiral waves
B. Sandstede
30 Aug 2005: Chemically driven self-propelled running droplets
U. Thiele
25 Aug 2005: New physical insights from experimentally realistic simulations of Rayleigh-Benard convection
M. Paul
23 Aug 2005: Phase relations and symmetry in periodic dynamics of newtorks
I. Stewart
23 Aug 2005: One-dimensional Spatiotemporal Chaos
R. Wittenberg
18 Aug 2005: Localized bursts in inclined layer convection
K. Daniels
16 Aug 2005: Degenerate dissipative systems and a new scenario for transition to turbulence
M. Tribelsky

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