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22 - 26 Aug 2005

GMRw02 - Global General Relativity

in association with the GMR programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

26 Aug 2005: Curvature propagation in general relativity - exploiting the Yang-Mills analogy
V. Moncrief
26 Aug 2005: Asymptotic expansions for cosmological solutions of the Einstein equations
A. Rendall
26 Aug 2005: Positivity of energy
J. Lohkamp
26 Aug 2005: Black holes in higher dimensions
G. Gibbons
25 Aug 2005: Dynamical properties of cosmological models
H. Ringstroem
25 Aug 2005: Numerical relativity and mathematics
J. Isenberg
25 Aug 2005: Controlling global properties of solutions of the constraint equations
R. Schoen
25 Aug 2005: Quantum field theories in curved spacetimes, mathematical aspects
R. Wald
24 Aug 2005: Progress in nonlinear wave equations
T. Tao
24 Aug 2005: Some mathematical aspects of dynamical horizons
G. Galloway
23 Aug 2005: Conformal compactifications
M. Anderson
23 Aug 2005: Numerical black hole simulations
L. Lehner
23 Aug 2005: Radius of injectivity and curvature estimates
S. Klainerman
23 Aug 2005: Singularity formation in non-linear wave equations
P. Bizon
22 Aug 2005: Cosmic censorship in spherical symmetry
M. Dafermos
22 Aug 2005: Global properties of space-times with one Killing vector
Y. Choquet-Bruhat
22 Aug 2005: Harmonic coordinates and the stability of Minkowski space-time
I. Rodnianski
22 Aug 2005: Current status of black hole observations
M. Rees

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2005GMR > GMRw02

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