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8 Aug - 23 Dec 2005

Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity

An Isaac Newton Institute Programme

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Workshops or other collections

12 - 16 Dec 2005: GMRw03 - Einstein Constraint Equations
in association with the GMR programme
7 Nov 2005: GMRw04 - Spitalfields Day - Einstein and Beyond
in association with the GMR programme
22 - 26 Aug 2005: GMRw02 - Global General Relativity
in association with the GMR programme

Individual Presentations

9 Dec 2005: QL Mass definitions with positivity proofs
R. Bartnik
8 Dec 2005: Second order perturbations of rotating bodies in equilibrium; the exterior vacuum problem
M. Mars
6 Dec 2005: Spherically symmetric dynamical horizons
J. Isenberg
6 Dec 2005: The classification of static electrovacuum black holes
P. Chrusciel
2 Dec 2005: On the convergence of certain expansions at space-like infinity of asymptotically flat, static vacuum solutions
H. Friedrich
1 Dec 2005: The abundant richness of Einstein-Yang-Mills
E. Winstanley
29 Nov 2005: The extreme distortion of black holes due to matter
29 Nov 2005: Static perfect fluid models - a dynamical systems approach
28 Nov 2005: On the motion of a compact elastic body
R. Beig
22 Nov 2005: Hydrodynamic reductions of multi-dimensional dispersionless PDS's: the test for integrability
E. Ferapontov
22 Nov 2005: Periodic instantons & monopoles in gauge theory (and gravity)
R.S. Ward
22 Nov 2005: Isomonodromic tau-functions on Hurwitz spaces and their applications
D. Korotkin
21 Nov 2005: Quasi-stationary routes to the Kerr black hole
R. Meinel
21 Nov 2005: Integrable reductions of Einstein's field equations: monodromy transform and the linear integral equation methods
G.A Alekseev
21 Nov 2005: The Twistor Theory of the Ernst Equation
L.J. Mason
18 Nov 2005: Asymptotic flatness at null infinity in higher dimensional gravity
A. Ishibashi
16 Nov 2005: Decay and the conformal energy of waves around the Schwarzschild black hole
P. Blue
15 Nov 2005: Asymptotically AdS-spacetimes
S. Hollands
14 Nov 2005: Time asymmetric spacetimes near null and spatial infinity
J. Valiente Kroon
8 Nov 2005: Spin foam quantum gravity
J. Barrett
3 Nov 2005: Colombeau algebras in GR
J. Vickers
2 Nov 2005: The Hamiltonian constraint in loop quantum gravity
T. Thiemann
1 Nov 2005: Constrained systems: Dirac and post-Dirac quantisation
J. Louko
27 Oct 2005: Quantum geometry and space-time singularities
A. Ashtekar
25 Oct 2005: Uniqueness of the kinematical representation of loop quantum gravity
H. Sahlmann
21 Oct 2005: A global solution for a characteristic problem for the Einstein vacuum equations with small initial data
F. Nicolo
20 Oct 2005: Loop quantum cosmology
M. Bojowald
19 Oct 2005: Comparison theory in Lorentzian geometry
P. Ehrlich
18 Oct 2005: Mathematical introduction to loop quantum gravity
J. Lewandowski
17 Oct 2005: Second variation in general relativity
R. Bartnik
13 Oct 2005: On CMC foliations
A. Zeghib
12 Oct 2005: Minimal surfaces in singular constant curvature manifolds
J-M. Schlenker
12 Oct 2005: A geometric insight into BTZ multi black-holes
T. Barbot
12 Oct 2005: Canonical Wick rotations in 3D gravity
R. Benedetti
12 Oct 2005: AdS geometry and Mess' work
F. Beguin
11 Oct 2005: Barriers and CMC hypersurfaces
R. Bartnik
10 Oct 2005: Complete Flat Lorentzian 3-Manifolds
W. Goldman
7 Oct 2005: Sectional curvature and general relativity
G. Hall
6 Oct 2005: Einstein metrics on product spaces
O. Biquard
4 Oct 2005: A gradient flow for the nonlinear sigma model at 1-loop: the physics of Perelman's entropy
E. Woolgar
3 Oct 2005: Conserved charges and positivity of energy for asymptotically locally AdS spacetimes
K. Skenderis
3 Oct 2005: The Gauss-Bonnet theorem for Poincare-Einstein metrics
P. Albin
3 Oct 2005: Toric Poincare-Einstein metrics
M. Singer
3 Oct 2005: Dirichlet-to-Neumann map for Poincare-Einstein metrics
C.R. Graham
22 Sep 2005: Global classical solutions to the 3D Nordstrom-Vlasov system
S. Calogero
20 Sep 2005: The surface-symmetric Einstein-Vlasov system with positive cosmological constant
B. Tchapnda
19 Sep 2005: Accelerated expanding models with Vlasov matter
H. Lee
16 Sep 2005: Future asymptotics of cosmological spacetimes
L. Andersson
16 Sep 2005: Cosmological solutions of the Einstein-Vlasov system
H. Andreasson
16 Sep 2005: What have we learned and what can we learn from spatially homogenous cosmology?
C. Uggla
16 Sep 2005: Dynamical systems approach to inhomogeneous cosmology
W.C. Lim
16 Sep 2005: Numerical studies of expanding T2-symmetric cosmologies
B. Berger
15 Sep 2005: Asymptotic expansions and nonlinear stability of power-law inflation models
M. Heinzle
13 Sep 2005: Dynamics of Bianchi space-times
H. Ringstroem
12 Sep 2005: Vacuum gravitational collapse in 4+1 dimensions
P. Bizon
7 Sep 2005: Stability of marginally trapped surfaces and local existence of dynamical and trapping horizons
W. Simon
6 Sep 2005: Conformal scattering and the Goursat problem, Main ideas and what perspectives for black hole space-times?
J-P. Nicolas
5 Sep 2005: On stability of higher dimensional static black holes
A. Ishibashi
5 Sep 2005: Self-similar gravitational collapse and gravitational instantons
G. Gibbons
2 Sep 2005: Decay of radiation in spacetimes with black holes
M. Dafermos
2 Sep 2005: Higher dimensional black holes
H. Reall
2 Sep 2005: On the topology of black holes in higher dimensions
G. Galloway
2 Sep 2005: On scattering theory for field equations in the Kerr metric
D. Hafner
1 Sep 2005: A new endpoint for Hawking evaporation
G. Horowitz
1 Sep 2005: Information loss in black holes
S. Hawking
31 Aug 2005: Geons with spin and charge
J. Louko
30 Aug 2005: Negative point mass singularities in general relativity
H. Bray
17 Aug 2005: Hyperbolicity of second order in space systems of evolution equations
C. Gundlach
15 Aug 2005: Numerical analysis and numerical relativity
M. Choptuik

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