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26 - 30 Apr 2004

SMCw05 - Predicting the Structure of Biological Molecules

in association with the SMC programme
Focus Workshop

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

29 Apr 2004: DNA binding sites
H. Shanahan
29 Apr 2004: Modelling molecular evolution: Gprotein Coupled Receptors
R. Goldstein
29 Apr 2004: Mechanics of interfaces in alpha-helical super-coils
C. Calladine
29 Apr 2004: Minimalist protein models and evolution
B. Blackburne
28 Apr 2004: Folds, knots and tangles
W. R. Taylor
28 Apr 2004: Comparisons of sequence profiles
M. Madera
28 Apr 2004: Rapper
M. de Pristo
28 Apr 2004: Identification of interacting sites in protein families
V. Chelliah
28 Apr 2004: Ab initio modelling
D. Burke
27 Apr 2004: Case studies in assigning function from structure in structural genomics
J. Watson
27 Apr 2004: Determination of partially folded states of proteins at atomic resolution
M. Vendruscolo
27 Apr 2004: Sequence-structure homology recognition
K. Mizuguchi
27 Apr 2004: Modelling solvent forces
F. Fraternali
26 Apr 2004: Protein-protein docking by global energy optimisation
J. F. Recio
26 Apr 2004: Structural constraints on protein mutations
C. Chothia
26 Apr 2004: Fold usage on genomes & protein structure evolution
S. Abeln

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004SMC > SMCw05

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