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19 - 23 Jan 2004

SMCw01 - Towards a Predictive Biology

in association with the SMC programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

23 Jan 2004: Rotary motors
J. Walker
23 Jan 2004: The roles of the chemical sciences in predictive biology
R. Townsend
23 Jan 2004: Who cares about lipids anyway?
R. Templer
22 Jan 2004: Random design: a litany of ignorance
D. Frenkel
22 Jan 2004: Genomic data and prediction: the value of comprehensive information
R. Durbin
22 Jan 2004: Protein folding kinetics: some new twists on the transition state idea
K. Dill
21 Jan 2004: Cellular modelling of cancer - do we have the tools?
B. Ogunnaike
21 Jan 2004: Integrating biological physics into the undergraduate curriculum: The US National Academy report and beyond
P. Nelson
21 Jan 2004: Genetic and biochemical networks: A physicist's perspective
S. Leibler
21 Jan 2004: Simple models for ion channels: selectivity, intermittency and ion transport
J-P Hansen
21 Jan 2004: Intracellular signalling in a molecular jungle: insights from bacteria chemotaxis
D. Bray
20 Jan 2004: Linear molecular motors
J. Trinick
20 Jan 2004: Protein solubility and evolution
J. Thornton
20 Jan 2004: Two bottlenecks for ab initio prediction of protein structures
A. Finkelstein
20 Jan 2004: Single molecular study of DNA/Protein interactions
V. Croquette

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004SMC > SMCw01

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