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12 - 16 Jul 2004

RMAw05 - Matrix Ensembles and L-Functions

in association with the RMA programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

16 Jul 2004: Ratios of random characteristic polynomials from supersymmetry
M. Zirnbauer
16 Jul 2004: Ratios of zeta functions & characteristic polynomials
N. Snaith
16 Jul 2004: The selberg class of L-functions: non-linear twists
A. Perelli
16 Jul 2004: Bounds at s=1 for an axiomatic class of L-functions
G. Molteni
16 Jul 2004: Multiple Dirichlet series, an historical survey
D. Goldfeld
16 Jul 2004: Applications of symmetric functions theory to random matrices
A. Gamburd
16 Jul 2004: Vanishing of L-functions of elliptic curves over number fields
C. David
15 Jul 2004: Experiments in number theory & random matrix theory
M. Rubinstein
15 Jul 2004: Computing twisted central values of L-functions
F. Rodriguez-Villegas
15 Jul 2004: Zeros of random polynomials & linear combinations of random characteristic polynomials
A. Nikeghbali
15 Jul 2004: A new statistical model of the Riemann zeta function
S. Gonek
15 Jul 2004: The geometry of zeros
D. Farmer
14 Jul 2004: Introduction to function fields
D. Ulmer
14 Jul 2004: Random matrix theory & life over finite fields
N. Katz
14 Jul 2004: Symmetry beyond root numbers: a GL(6) example (joint with S. Miller)
E. Duenez
13 Jul 2004: Extreme values & moments of L-functions
K. Soundararajan
13 Jul 2004: TBA
P. Sarnak
13 Jul 2004: A survey of elliptic curves
E. Kowalski
13 Jul 2004: Negative moments
J. P. Keating
13 Jul 2004: Poles of L-functions & the converse theorum
A. Booker
12 Jul 2004: Parametric RMT, discrete symmetries, & cross correlations between zeros of L-functions
I. Smolyarenko
12 Jul 2004: Primes & pair correlation of zeros
H. Montgomery
12 Jul 2004: The twelfth moment of central values of Hecke series
M. Jutila
12 Jul 2004: On the moments of Hecke series at central points
A. Ivic
12 Jul 2004: Mollified & amplified moments: Some new theorems & conjectures
C. Hughes
12 Jul 2004: Testing random matrix theory vs the zeta zeros
P. Diaconis
12 Jul 2004: Introduction & overview
B. Conrey
12 Jul 2004: Automorphic summation formulae and moments of zeta
D. Bump

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004RMA > RMAw05

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