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28 Jun - 2 Jul 2004

RMAw04 - Random Matrix Theory and Arithmetic Aspects of Quantum Chaos

in association with the RMA programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

2 Jul 2004: Granular bosonization (or Fyodorov meets SUSY)
M. R. Zirnbauer
2 Jul 2004: The cosmic microwave background and the shape of the universe
F. Steiner
2 Jul 2004: Zeros of the derivative of a selberg zeta function
W. Luo
2 Jul 2004: The double Riemann zeta function
S. Koyama
2 Jul 2004: Expander graphs, random matrices and quantum chaos
A. Gamburd
1 Jul 2004: Random critical points and vacua of string/M theory
S. Zelditch
1 Jul 2004: Energy asymptotics for gaudin spin chains
J. Toth
1 Jul 2004: Periods of cat maps
Z. Rudnick
1 Jul 2004: Subconvexity of L-functions and the uniqueness principle
A. Rezikov
1 Jul 2004: On distribution of zeros of Heine-Stieltjes polynomials
D. Jakobson
30 Jun 2004: Eigenfunction statistics for star graphs
J. P. Keating
30 Jun 2004: The triangle map: a model for quantum chaos
M. Degli Esposti
30 Jun 2004: Classical dynamics of billiards in rational polygons
A. Eskin
29 Jun 2004: Quantum chaos on locally symmetric spaces
A. Venkatesh
29 Jun 2004: Semiclassical evidence for universal spectral correlations in quantum chaos
M. Sieber
29 Jun 2004: Propagation of wavepackets for large times
R. Schubert
29 Jun 2004: On the remiainder in weyl's law for heisenberg manifolds
Y. Petridis
29 Jun 2004: Semiclassical foundation of universality in quantum chaos
S. Mueller
29 Jun 2004: On the distribution of matrix elements for the quantum cat map
P. Kurlberg
28 Jun 2004: Quantum vesus classical fluctuations on the modular surface
P. Sarnak
28 Jun 2004: Evolution and constrains on scarring for (perturbed) cat maps
S. Nonnenmacher
28 Jun 2004: Random matrix theory and entanglement in quantum spin chains
F. Mezzadri
28 Jun 2004: On the number of lattice points in a thin annulus
C. Hughes
28 Jun 2004: Long time propagation of coherent states under perturbed cat map dynamics
S. De Bievre

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004RMA > RMAw04

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