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18 - 21 May 2004

RMAw03 - Random Matrices and Probability

in association with the RMA programme
INI Satellite Workshop at the University of Warwick

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

21 May 2004: Asymptotics of Haar unitaries and their truncation
J. Reffy
21 May 2004: Universality of distributions from random matrix theory
K. Johansson
21 May 2004: Fluctuations of the 1D polynuclear growth model with external sources
T. Imamura
21 May 2004: Complexity of random energy landscapes, glass transition and absolute value of spectral determinant of random matrices
Y. Fyodorov
21 May 2004: Exit problems associated with finite reflection groups
Y. Doumerc
20 May 2004: Dyson's Brownian motion, interlacing and intertwining
J. Warren
20 May 2004: Examples of dual pairs in random matrix theory
M. Stolz
20 May 2004: Free transportation cost inequalities via random matrix approximation
D. Petz
20 May 2004: Some noncommutative central limit theorums
R. Hudson
20 May 2004: Some properties of Wishart processes
C. Donati-Martin
19 May 2004: Central limit theorums for traces - a combinatorial and concentration approach
O. Zeitouni
19 May 2004: Integration over classical compact groups with applications to free probability and matrix integrals
B. Collins
18 May 2004: Granular Bosanization
M. Zirnbauer
18 May 2004: Differencial equations for Dyson processes
H. Widom
18 May 2004: Moments of spectral determinants of random complex matrices
B. Khuruzhenko
18 May 2004: Asymptotic spectral approximations
F. Goetze
18 May 2004: Brownian motion in a Weyl chamber and GUE
P. Biane

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004RMA > RMAw03

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