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14 - 17 Dec 2004

QISw05 - Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information

in association with the QIS programme
Focus Workshop

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

17 Dec 2004: Locked information and the black hole information loss problem
J. Smolin
17 Dec 2004: Entanglement and area
M. Plenio
17 Dec 2004: Quantum gravity and quantum computation
S. Lloyd
17 Dec 2004: Black holes, simulated time travel and the scalability of complexity
C. Bennett
16 Dec 2004: When entanglement met black hole...
D. Terno
16 Dec 2004: Quantum information theory and the low energy problem of quantum gravity
F. Markopoulou
16 Dec 2004: Black hole evaporation, unitarity and final state projection
D. Gottesman
16 Dec 2004: The path integral approach to the black hole information problem
C. Galfard
15 Dec 2004: Limits of quantum mechanics from general relativity: a clash of principles
R. Penrose
15 Dec 2004: The universe from sub-planckian 'bits'
R. Loll
14 Dec 2004: Bohr, Penrose and Hawking
B. Unruh
14 Dec 2004: Model of a big crunch/big bang transition
N. Turok
14 Dec 2004: Black hole analogues and the universality of the Hawking effect
R. Schuetzhold
14 Dec 2004: Information loss, determinism and quantum mechanics
G. 't Hooft

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004QIS > QISw05

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