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27 - 30 Sep 2004

QISw02 - Entanglement and Transfer of Quantum Information

in association with the QIS programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

30 Sep 2004: Distributing entanglement in a multi-zone ion trap
T. Schaetz
30 Sep 2004: Superconducting quantum bits
H. Mooij
30 Sep 2004: Quantum closed-loop control and error correlation
G.J. Milburn
30 Sep 2004: 2- 3- and 4-photon quantum communication in telecom fibers
N. Gisin
29 Sep 2004: Efficient conditional preparation of single photons for quantum optica
I.A. Walmsley
29 Sep 2004: Cooling and controlled entanglement experiments using single and pairs of trapped calcium ions
A. Steane
29 Sep 2004: Experimental linear optical logic
J.G. Rarity
29 Sep 2004: Generating and harnessing photonic entanglement using linear optics
G. Pryde
29 Sep 2004: Linear and nonlinear quantum optical information processing
W. Munro
29 Sep 2004: Decoherence issues for cold atoms near surfaces
P. Knight
29 Sep 2004: Atom chips: a vision for QIP with neutral atoms
E. Hinds
29 Sep 2004: Optimizing linear optics quantum gates
J. Eisert
29 Sep 2004: Entanglement and transfer of quantum information with trapped Ca+ ions
R.B. Blatt
28 Sep 2004: Electron spin qubits in quantum dots
L. Vandersypen
28 Sep 2004: Interfacing quantum optical and solid state qubits
L. Tian
28 Sep 2004: Entanglement propagation in interacting quantum systems
M. Plenio
28 Sep 2004: The propagation of quantum information through a spin system
T. Osbourne
28 Sep 2004: Interfacing a single trapped ion qubit with a single photon flying qubit
C. Monroe
28 Sep 2004: Quantum information processing using quantum dots
F. Meier
28 Sep 2004: Production and detection of entangled electrons in small solid-state structures
G. Burkard
28 Sep 2004: Easing the experimental burden: global control, perpetual coupling and the like
S. Benjamin
27 Sep 2004: Erasable electrostatic lithography for quantum components
C. Smith
27 Sep 2004: The fabrication of a silicon based quantum computer at the atomic scale
L. Oberbeck
27 Sep 2004: Prospects and challenges for quantum information processing using carbon nanotubes
C. Marcus
27 Sep 2004: Field effect transistor behaviour in a single wall carbon nanotubes and peapods
P. Lindelof
27 Sep 2004: A two-qubit conditional quantum gate with single spins in solid
F. Jelezko
27 Sep 2004: Experimental implementation of semiconductor qubit
Y. Hirayama
27 Sep 2004: Towards an integrated photonic quantum information platform in diamond
A. Greentree
27 Sep 2004: Endohedral fullerences for electron-spin-based quantum computing
A. Ardavan

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004QIS > QISw02

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