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23 - 27 Aug 2004

QISw01 - Quantum Information Theory: Present Status and Future Directions

in association with the QIS programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

27 Aug 2004: Generic behaviour in quantum information theory: applications of the concentration of measure phenomenon
A. Winter
27 Aug 2004: High temperature macroscopic entanglement
V. Vedral
27 Aug 2004: Vacuum entanglement
B. Reznik
27 Aug 2004: Quantum computation and quantum gravity
S. Lloyd
27 Aug 2004: Applications of randomised techniques in quantum information theory
D. Leung
27 Aug 2004: Additivity problem: an overview
A. S. Kholevo
26 Aug 2004: Provably secure experimental quantum bit string generation
S. Massar
26 Aug 2004: Decoy state quantum key distribution
H. K. Lo
26 Aug 2004: A new inequality for the von Neuman entropy
N. Linden
26 Aug 2004: Simulation of singlet correlation without any communication, but using a weaker resource: a "non-local machine"
N. Gisin
26 Aug 2004: Quantum and secret correlations
A. Acin
25 Aug 2004: Entanglement & area
M.B. Plenio
25 Aug 2004: Entanglement and decoherence in coined quantum walks
P. Knight
25 Aug 2004: Proposal for a loophole-free Bell test using homodyne detection
N. Cerf
24 Aug 2004: Lattice-based cryptography and quantum
O. Regev
24 Aug 2004: Quantum algorithms and phase estimation
M. Mosca
24 Aug 2004: NMR quantum information processing
R. Laflamme
24 Aug 2004: The complexity of local Hamiltonians
J. Kempe
24 Aug 2004: Robust polynomials and quantum algorithms
H. Buhrman
23 Aug 2004: Picturing qubits in phase space
W. Wootters
23 Aug 2004: Quantum spin chains from the perspective of quantum information theory
F. Verstraete
23 Aug 2004: Quantum versus classical, qubits versus bits
L. Vaidman
23 Aug 2004: Secure key from bound entanglement
J. Oppenheim
23 Aug 2004: Entanglement loss along renormalization group flows
J. I. Latorre

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004QIS > QISw01

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