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11 - 15 Oct 2004

MSIw02 - Large-Scale Computation in Astrophysics

in association with the MSI programme

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15 Oct 2004: The magneto-rotational instability
J. Hawley
15 Oct 2004: AMR simulations of supersonic magnetized jet acceleration from accretion discs
A. Ferrari
15 Oct 2004: Simulations of astrophysical jets
G. Bodo
15 Oct 2004: Short and long term simulations of relativistic magnetized jets
M.A. Aloy
14 Oct 2004: Non-ideal MHD and beyond
T. Linde
14 Oct 2004: Grid-adaptive simulations of magnetized jet flows
R. Keppens
14 Oct 2004: 3D simulation of emerging flux and magnetic reconnection using the Earth Simulator
H. Isobe
14 Oct 2004: A new CT-Godunov MHD algorithm with application to the MRI
T. Gardiner
14 Oct 2004: A numerical scheme for multi-fluid MHD
S. Falle
14 Oct 2004: Kinetic modelling of magnetic reconnection in space and astrophysical systems
J. Drake
14 Oct 2004: Large scale simulations of astrophysical turbulence
A. Brandenburg
14 Oct 2004: Amplification of interstellar magnetic fields by supernova-driven turbulence
D.S. Balsara
13 Oct 2004: Turbulence in magnetic plasma: do we understand and can we simulate Braginskii viscosity?
A.A. Schekochihin
13 Oct 2004: Supernovae and numerical (R)MHD: challenges and developments
E. Mueller
13 Oct 2004: Modelling of relativistic magnetically dominated plasmas
S. Kommissarov
13 Oct 2004: Verification and validation of astrophysical radiation-hydrodynamics
R. Klein
12 Oct 2004: Global modelling of solar convection, differential rotation and magnetism
J. Toomre
12 Oct 2004: Staggered mesh approaches to MHD- and charged-particle simulations of astrophysical turbulence
A. Nordlund
12 Oct 2004: PLUTO: a modular code for computational astrophysics
A. Mignone
12 Oct 2004: Mach number dependence of the onset of dynamo action
N.E.L. Haugen
12 Oct 2004: Astrophysical dynamos
F. Cattaneo
12 Oct 2004: Magnetic field transport in turbulent compressible convection
N.H. Brummell
12 Oct 2004: Simulations of core convection and resulting dynamo action rotating A-type stars
M. Browning
11 Oct 2004: Computational MHD: A model problem for widely separated time and space scales
D. Schnack
11 Oct 2004: Convective instabilities in pre-runaway white dwarfs
F. Rubini
11 Oct 2004: DNS of anisotropic MHD flows
A.S. Lanotte
11 Oct 2004: Planetary convection and dynamos
R. Hollerbach

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004MSI > MSIw02

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