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6 - 17 Sep 2004

MSIw01 - Magnetohydrodynamics of Stellar Interiors

in association with the MSI programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

17 Sep 2004: Comparison of three-dimensional geodynamo calculations with mean-field models
M. Schrinner
17 Sep 2004: Numerical simulations of the solar tachocline
T.M. Rogers
17 Sep 2004: Direct simulation of planetary and stellar dynamos II: future challenges
G.A. Glatzmaier
17 Sep 2004: Summary of the conference
P.H. Diamond
16 Sep 2004: Non-axisymetric solar interface dynamos
K.K. Zhang
16 Sep 2004: Solar and stellar dynamos II
S.M. Tobias
16 Sep 2004: Non-axisymetric solar magnetic fields
A.A. Ruzmaikin
16 Sep 2004: Direct simulation of planetary and stellar dynamos I: methods and results
G.A. Glatzmaier
16 Sep 2004: Dynamo experiments II
S. Fauve
16 Sep 2004: Dynamo experiments I
S. Fauve
15 Sep 2004: Solar and stellar dynamos I
S.M. Tobias
15 Sep 2004: Internal rotation of the Sun II
M.J. Thompson
15 Sep 2004: Magnetic-field generation in low-magnetic-Prandtl-number plasmas
A.A. Schekochihin
15 Sep 2004: Dynamo action in turbulent convective shells with or without rotation
A.S. Brun
14 Sep 2004: Internal rotation of the Sun I: Results from helioseismology
M.J. Thompson
14 Sep 2004: Magnetohydrodynamics of stably stratified stars
H.C. Spruit
14 Sep 2004: Numerical simulations of small scale dynamo activity; spectra and critical magnetic Reynolds numbers
N.E.L. Haugen
14 Sep 2004: Nonlinear dynamo action in rotating convection and shear
A.D. Gilbert
14 Sep 2004: Small-scale dynamos II
F. Cattaneo
14 Sep 2004: Photospheric MHD simulations of solar pores
R. Cameron
14 Sep 2004: Catastrophic alpha quenching alleviated by helicity flux and shear
A. Brandenburg
13 Sep 2004: Sunspots II
J.H. Thomas
13 Sep 2004: Fine structure of solar magnetic fields
G.B. Scharmer
13 Sep 2004: Emergence of magnetic flux into the solar atmosphere: three dimensional experiments
F. Moreno-Insertis
13 Sep 2004: Helioseismic observations of magnetohydrodynamics of the solar interior
A.G. Kosovichev
13 Sep 2004: Small-scale dynamos I
F. Cattaneo
13 Sep 2004: What is a magnetic flux tube?
N.H. Brummel
10 Sep 2004: Sunspots I
J.H. Thomas
10 Sep 2004: Magnetoconvection II
M.R.E. Proctor
10 Sep 2004: Current status of facular region and sunspot models
A. Nordlund
10 Sep 2004: Young stars II
L.W. Hartmann
10 Sep 2004: Modelling photospheric magnetoconvection in the weak field regime
P.J. Bushby
10 Sep 2004: Forward modeling for local helioseismology
A.C. Birch
9 Sep 2004: Dynamo models and differential rotation in sun and stars
R. Tavakol
9 Sep 2004: Large scale simulations of compressible convection
F. Rincon
9 Sep 2004: Magnetoconvection I
M.R.E. Proctor
9 Sep 2004: Localised states in magnetoconvection
P.C. Matthews
9 Sep 2004: Young stars I
L.W. Hartmann
9 Sep 2004: Different limiting mechanisms for nonlinear dynamos
D.J. Galloway
9 Sep 2004: Magnetic activity in rapidly rotating stars II
A.C. Cameron
8 Sep 2004: Observations of magnetic fields on the Sun II
A.M. Title
8 Sep 2004: Connecting solar irradiance variability to the solar dynamo using the virial theorum
O. Steiner
8 Sep 2004: Magnetic activity in rapidly rotating stars I
A.C. Cameron
7 Sep 2004: Decay of a simulated bipolar magnetic field in the solar surface layers
A. Voegler
7 Sep 2004: Observations of magnetic fields on the Sun I
A.M. Title
7 Sep 2004: Effect of differential rotation on nonlinear mean electromotive force and stellar dynamos
I. Rogachevskii
7 Sep 2004: Introduction to MHD and dynamo theory II
H.K. Moffatt
7 Sep 2004: What we know about stellar interiors (overview)
D.O. Gough
7 Sep 2004: Heating the stellar plasma in the transitional region from the inductive to drift freezing of magnetic field
Y.V. Dumin
7 Sep 2004: Magneto-rotational instability in the solar core and Ap star envelope
R. Arlt
6 Sep 2004: Stellar magnetic activity (overview)
R. Rosner
6 Sep 2004: Introduction to MHD and dynamo theory I
H.K. Moffatt
6 Sep 2004: Universal mechanism of dynamo saturation: dynamics of magnetic helicity
N. Kleeroin
6 Sep 2004: Finite amplitude convection in rotating spherical fluid shells and it's Prandtl number dependence
F.H. Busse

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