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10 Aug 2004

MRTw01b - Hewlett-Packard Day on Applications to the Sun and Magnetosphere

in association with the MRT programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

10 Aug 2004: Exploring the nature of magnetic reconnection in solar transients
D. Alexander
10 Aug 2004: Bifurcated & thin current sheets: CLUSTER results
W. Baumjohann
10 Aug 2004: Observational evidence for magnetic reconnection in the solar corona
L. Culhane
10 Aug 2004: Magnetic reconnection at the Dayside Terrestrial Magnetopause
J. Dorelli
10 Aug 2004: Walen & slow-mode shock analysis applied to high-speed flows of the near-Earth magnetotail
S. Eriksson
10 Aug 2004: Space- and time-dependent heating of solar coronal loops
S. Higgins
10 Aug 2004: Active-region magnetic structures & their peturbations by flares
H. Hudson
10 Aug 2004: Some open problems for magnetic reconnection in solar flares
B. Kliem
10 Aug 2004: Anti-parallel merging & component reconnection: role in megnetospheric dynamics
M. Kuznetsova
10 Aug 2004: Topology of magnetic breakout
R. Maclean
10 Aug 2004: Plasma depletion at the high latitude dayside magnetopause: Cluster observations
T. Moretto
10 Aug 2004: Reconnection & coronal heating
C. Parnell
10 Aug 2004: Anti-parallel versus component reconnection at the Earth's magnetopause
K. Trattner

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2004MRT > MRTw01b

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