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7 Nov 2003

Prediction of Turbulent Flows

A follow-up meeting to the 1999 Isaac Newton Institute programme on Turbulence

7 Nov 2003: Recent progress in turbulence simulation
N. Sandham
7 Nov 2003: Closure models for dispersed systems
M. W. Reeks
7 Nov 2003: Prediction of buoyant and stratified flows with RANS models
B. Launder
7 Nov 2003: Turbulent flames
W. P. Jones
7 Nov 2003: Selection of models for turbulence prediction and future directions for practical guidlines
A. Hutton
7 Nov 2003: Turbulence in civil aerospace
D. Hills
7 Nov 2003: The generic features of turbulent closures
P. Durbin
7 Nov 2003: Future developments of closure models
C. Cambon

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003 > TRBw01

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