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3 - 8 Aug 2003

SKGw01 - Spaces of Kleinian groups and hyperbolic 3-manifolds

in association with the SKG programme
Supported by the European Commission, Research DG, Human Potential Programme, High-Level Scientific Conferences - HPCF-2001-00106, the NSF and the Leverhulme Trust

8 Aug 2003: A reprise: convexity of geodesic-length functions
S. Wolpert
8 Aug 2003: An embedded gebus one helicord
S. Wolf
8 Aug 2003: Non-singularity of bending lengths near convex structures
C. Series
8 Aug 2003: The geometric model direct from Teichmuller geodesics
M. Rees
8 Aug 2003: Large scale geometry of Teichmuller space
H. Masur
8 Aug 2003: Geometric and algebraic structures on spaces of quasiconforml mappings
V. Markovic
7 Aug 2003: Deformations of hyperbolic manifolds with boundary
S. Kerckhoff
7 Aug 2003: Circle packings on surfaces with projective structures I
S. Kojima
7 Aug 2003: Hyperbolic structures from angled ideal triangulations
C. Hodgson
6 Aug 2003: Circle packings on surfaces with projective structures II
S. P. Tan
6 Aug 2003: Convrgence theorem for function groups
K. Oshika
6 Aug 2003: Semiconjugacy between the actions of topologically tame Kleinian groups with boundary geometery
H. Miyachi
5 Aug 2003: Algebraic limits of geometrically finite manifolds are tame
J. Souto
5 Aug 2003: Properness properties of the bending map
C. Lecuire
5 Aug 2003: Non-bumping
J. Holt
5 Aug 2003: Applications of the drilling theorem
Richard Evans
4 Aug 2003: Variations of McShane's identity for punctures surface groups
M. Sakuma
4 Aug 2003: Spanning laminations are proper
D. Gabai
3 Aug 2003: Computer experiments of the discreteness locus in projective structures
M. Yamashita
3 Aug 2003: Searching for the cusp
D. Wright
3 Aug 2003: Exploring the quasi-fuchsian space for twice punctured torus
M. Wada
3 Aug 2003: Complex projective structures and the bers embedding
David Dumas
3 Aug 2003: Conjectures on minimal surfaces and Ricci flow
I. Agol

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003SKG > SKGw01

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