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8 - 12 Dec 2003

IGSw04 - Stochastic Methods in Coagulation and Fragmentation

in association with the IGS programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

11 Dec 2003: Discrete approximations and invariant measures for a class of coagulation-fragmentation processes
O. Zeitouni
11 Dec 2003: Stochastic approach for the Smoluchowski coagulation equation via nonlinear processes
M. Deaconu
10 Dec 2003: Gelation in stochastic models
W. Wagner
10 Dec 2003: Kinetics of sol-gel transition
A. Lushkinov
10 Dec 2003: Scaling theory for the rate equations of gelling & non-gelling systems
F. Leyvraz
9 Dec 2003: The Oort-Hulst-Safronov coagulation equation & its connections to the Smoluchowski coagulation equation
P. Laurencot
9 Dec 2003: Non-binary interacting particle systems & limiting kinetic equations; analytic & probabilistic study
V. Kolokoltsov
9 Dec 2003: Gelation in coagulation & fragmentation models
M. Escobedo
8 Dec 2003: Approximating the effect of beneficial mutations by coalescents with multiple collisions
J. Schweinsberg
8 Dec 2003: Random graphs, the multiplicative coalescent & percolation of tree-averages
D. Aldous

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003IGS > IGSW04

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